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Troja Castle in Prague

Troja Castle

Troja Castle is a fabulously beautiful Baroque palace which is located in a suburb of the same name the capital of the Republic of Czech - Prague. Troja occupies the northwestern part of Prague. Troja Castle is located on the right bank of the river Vltava and has a beautiful French garden which creates a unique atmosphere.

Moreover, in the region there is a zoo, botanical garden and winery, so if you decide to visit these places of the Czech capital, you can not miss the mansion Troja.

Troja Castle is a huge complex of buildings and lush gardens, which are built by the work of Jean Baptista Matthew. This designer worked on the mansion between 1679-1685.

The leading architect was inspired by the magnificent villas in Italy, as a result of which creates the outskirts of Prague. Jean Baptista Matthew also worked on similar projects in northern Italy.

In the 17th century the owner of Troja Castle was Count Sternberg, a member of one of the leading aristocratic families in Bohemia at that time. In the following centuries Troja repeatedly changed owners, one of them was even Maria Theresa.

Troja Castle Prague

The beautiful staircase between the castle and gardens is the work of two architects from Dresden - Johann Georg and Paul Heermann. Along its length there are wonderful sculptures recreating the mythical battle between the gods and giants.

Particularly impressive is the castle balcony which in turn is the work of Bombelli. This architect has left his style in the Slavkov Castle, also known as Austerlitz, located near Brno in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

The interior of the castle is also exceptional. Overall, it is a leading Baroque splendor - an example of this is an impressive painting of Habsburg, which reproduces many mythological scenes. Most of the other paintings in the Troja Castle are the work of Francesco Market and his son Giovanni.

After the last expensive reconstruction of the castle Troja that took 10 years, the palace was opened for public visits.

After 1989, there in the castle are the paintings and art out of old printed books from the Middle East. In the halls of the Troja Castle you can see the art gallery of Prague.



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