Prague Castle

Prague Castle

It is difficult to describe in words the beauty and majesty of the castle in Prague. It is the largest complex in Europe, representing the medieval castle. The well preserved architecture of the palace today makes it a major tourist attraction in the Czech capital.

In the years of its history Prague Castle has experienced several destructive wars and fires. After each of them, however, it has been restored and renovated.

Different political forces, rulers and institutions have united in efforts and have integrated this unique combination of palace buildings, churches and fortifications.

The first building at the site of today's Prague Castle was built there as early as the 9th century. In the 12th century in its place appeared a Roman palace. About two centuries later, during the dominance of Charles IV the fortress was transformed into a Gothic style.

The most distinctive landmark in Prague is the Saint Vitus Cathedral, which is one of the fundamental structures there. Besides that there are the smaller noble buildings of the Palace, Lobkowicz Palace, Golden Lane supplemented by observation towers, several museums, art galleries and an exquisite monastery.

The Basilica of St. George is not only their for appearance and the interior design. The Basilica is enriched with the perfect acoustics, so it is a popular place for audiences of numerous classical concerts and symphony performances.

Castle in Prague

Particularly impressive is the so called Spanish Hall, which was built during the reign of Rudolf II. Recent changes have been made by the Empress Maria Theresa. Today the Prague Castle is the seat of President of Republic and operates as a historical and political center and not only for capital but also throughout the country.



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