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Schattenburg Castle

Castle Schattenburg

Schattenburg Castle is the emblem of the Austrian city of Feldkirch. It is located in the westernmost part of Austria, on the border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Feldkirch is today known primarily as a well-preserved medieval city, old part of which is dominated by the imposing fortress, built on a hill.

For the first time, Feldkirch is mentioned in historical texts in the early 13th century when in 1218 Count Hugo I von Montfort brings an impressive fortress Schattenburg. To this day it is the main landmark of the historic Austrian town.

Castle Schattenburg

Among the other attractions of the village are Cathedral St. Nikolaus, dating from the late Gothic period. Under the hill Schattenburg was built a road tunnel. Approaching by car to it, the view up to the castle is really impressive.

Schattenburg is a place that is popular today mainly because of the historical monk. Hugo I ordered the construction of the castle, to secure protection from constant raids at the time of the south and east. In 13 and 14 century Schattenburg, a military fortress, and from this period can still be seen the authentic instruments of the castle.

Today Schattenburg provides an excellent example of how life was here in the 16 century. The palace has a beautiful and pleasant courtyard and on the second floor is where the museum is located. In exposures of the museum, can be considered collections of medieval weapons, and a Roman crucifix of 1250.

Beautifully landscaped yard Schattenburg offers visitors moments of relaxation and rest. From the height of the palace is a splendid view to the whole town of Feldkirch. Inside, the castle has a pleasant restaurant with a beautiful Knight Hall and a cellar.



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