Una River

Una River

Una River is one of the most attractive rivers in the territory of Croatia. Attractive because along the Una has excellent conditions for rafting because its coastal line is incredibly beautiful and offers opportunities for very pleasant outdoor activities. Una River is actually a tributary of the Sava River.

Una comes from the mountains north of Stražbenica in the territory of Croatia. After about four kilometers it leaves within the country to continue its course in Bosnia and Herzegovina, outlining the border between the two countries.

Una River

Una River enters in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the west end and goes on to empty into the river Sava near Jasenovac. The total length of the river is 207 km, covering up to 10, 400 square kilometers.

Nearly one million people live in the area along the river Una. They all agree that this is the cleanest river in the world, although real data from surveys of water are of another opinion to decide this fact. The emergence of the very name of Una is tied to a beautiful story that brings us back 2000 years back in time when the Romans first came into the territory and crossed the river Una. They delightedly proclaimed "Una Unica Est", because they were struck by the unique beauty of the river.

The nature and wildlife around the Una River is no less unique, as they come together and amount to 170 medicinal herbs. Special characteristic of the region is the rare plant, Campanula unensis. Around 28 species of fish live in the Una River , the largest of which is huchen (scientific name is Hucho Hucho).

Every year on the river Una the traditional regatta is held, which aims not to be boat race, but rather to celebrate the feast of samata Una. The regatta usually starts from Kulen Vakuf and crosses along the northeastern slopes of Strazhbenitsa in Croatia ending in Bihac.

Portion of the river, which passes on the Northeast side of Strazhbenitsa is known by the name, Vrelo Une. Una River flows through the towns of Martin Brod, Kulen Vakuf, Ripac, Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanska Otoka, Novi Grad, Kostajnica and Dubica.

Una River is known for its many beautiful waterfalls and lush whirlpools that create ideal conditions for lovers of rafting. Its rapids are estimated at 5. Downhill with a rubber boat on the Una, offers a different assessment of the sparkling beauty of white water, its canyons and beautiful surrounding Una mountains.



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