World's Most Beautiful Rivers

Online guide to the most beautiful rivers in the world. World rivers, lakes and waterfalls. World Travel Database: World's longest Rivers.
Snake RiverSnake River
03 Jan.
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Saint Lawrence RiverSaint Lawrence River
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La Plata RiverLa Plata River
03 Jan.
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Neva RiverNeva River
Neva River is emblematic of the Russian River lands. It flows northwest through the region of Leningrad and St. Petersburg, connecting [Lake Ladoga] and the Gulf in the eastern [Baltic Sea], where it flows in. Neva is th...
Rhone RiverRhone River
Rhone River is a historic river in Switzerland and France and one of the most important inland waterways of Europe. It is the only major river that flows directly into the [Mediterranean Sea] and its entirely alpine char...
Yukon RiverYukon River
Yukon River is one of the largest rivers in North America. It is the largest, longest and greatest river in Alaska and near the Yukon - one of the northern territories of Canada, located in the north of the country, bord...
Sava RiverSava River
Sava River is an important waterway corridor of Europe. In recent years in this field have developed many projects and agreements that are planning to make it navigable throughout its course, amounting to 947 km. River S...
Yenisei RiverYenisei River1
Yenisei River runs through central Russia, assuming that it is conditionally divides West and East Siberia. Yenisei River is historic, also called the "Great River". River system, which it forms is the largest flowing in...
Ottawa RiverOttawa River
Ottawa River is the godmother of Ottawa, the eponymous Canadian capital, and most fundamentally the name comes from the title of the Indian tribe, that inhabited this area for centuries, until in 1613, the first European...
Zambezi riverZambezi river
Zambezi river, is a river that forms one of the largest and most beautiful natural sights of our planet, namely the [Victoria Falls]. It was formed along the Zambezi, in the territory of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Composed of ...
Yellowstone RiverYellowstone River
Yellowstone River and its beautiful valley is one of the most impressive sights can be seen in the oldest national park in the world - Yellowstone. This protected area is among the most valuable lands of the United State...
Neckar RiverNeckar River
Along the Neckar River, in Germany you can see some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, such as the [Heidelberg Castle]. Neckar flows in the southwestern part of the country, springing from the mountain Schwarz...
Niger RiverNiger River
Niger River, is the godfather of the state of Niger, which is located in West Africa between the countries of Algeria and Libya, Burkina Faso and Mali, Chad, Nigeria and Benin. Territory is a 1 267 000 square kilomet...
Mosel RiverMosel River
Mosel River is popular with the many castles that line up, like beads along both sides of the river. The Mosel is a river that runs through France, Germany and Luxembourg, over 545 km long. For Frenchmen Mosel is known a...