World's Most Beautiful Rivers

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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Azov Sea

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Azov Sea is part of the Black Sea and was formed in its northeastern part. Azov see itself is considered a shallow sea.
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Limmat River

Limmat River

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Limmat River is a continuation of the Linth river. Limmat River is 35 km long and its upstream catchment covers a total area of 2416 sq. km.
:LimmatLimmat River
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Segura River

Segura River

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Segura river passes through many Spanish cities, and then flows into the Mediterranean. Segura river rises in the mountains of the province of JaƩn Segura and is 325 kilometers long.
:Segura RiverSegura
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Elbe


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Elbe is the river basin of the North Sea, which begins in the Czech Republic. Elbe is also known by its Czech name Labe.
:River ElbeElbeElbe River
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Congo River

Congo River

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Congo River is an African river, which is recognized as the deepest in the world. Congo River has length of over 4300 kilometers.
:Congo RiverRiver Congo
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Snake River

Snake River

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Snake River is the largest and longest tributary of the Columbia River. Snake River rises near the main watershed of North America in Yellowstone National Park, in North Wyoming.
:Columbia RiverSnake RiverIdaho
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Saint Lawrence River

Saint Lawrence River

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Saint Lawrence River connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lawrence River departs from the Great Lakes, crosses part of the Province of Ontario and goes around Quebec.
:The Great LakesSaint Lawrence RiverSaint Lawrence
Most beautiful rivers,  -  La Plata River

La Plata River

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La Plata River, whose name literally translated from Spanish means Silver River. The La Plata travels about one fifth of the territory of South America.
:La Plata RiverRiver La PlataSilver River
Most beautiful rivers,  -  Neva River

Neva River

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Neva River is emblematic of the Russian River lands. Neva river is the third largest river in Europe in measured the annual flow.
:Neva RiverRiver NevaNeva
Lakes and Waterfalls
Most beautiful rivers,  - Lake Mead
Most beautiful rivers,  - Lake Rotorua18.01.2013 284
Most beautiful rivers,  - Hafragilsfoss16.01.2013 271
Most beautiful rivers,  - Cautley Spout16.01.2013 237
Most beautiful rivers,  - Latourell Falls16.01.2013 93
Most beautiful rivers,  - Krimml Waterfalls16.01.2013 189
Most beautiful rivers,  - Silver Falls16.01.2013 91
Most beautiful rivers,  - Shoshone Falls16.01.2013 250
Most beautiful rivers,  - Lake Brienz14.01.2013 334