Ottawa River

Ottawa River

Ottawa River is the godmother of Ottawa, the eponymous Canadian capital, and most fundamentally the name comes from the title of the Indian tribe, that inhabited this area for centuries, until in 1613, the first Europeans set foot here trough a French expedition led by Samuel de Shamplen. Ottawa River flows through the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ottawa River divides the two provinces, and from the Ontario side of the river remains the City of Ontario.

Capital Ottawa is located on the south bank of the river, which is a major cause for the eponymous valley to boast a large variety of beauty. When de Shamplen looked at Ottawa River from Mount Nipion point, on the riverbank, he made a detailed description in his diary. Today on this place is a monument and a small amphitheater stage, where at folk festivals and theater shows take place in the summer.

Next is the Canadian National Art Gallery, and the Museum of Civilization, and on the opposite shore of the Ottawa River , lies the magnificent Gothic building of the Canadian Parliament. It is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To reach the magnificent building, one must cross the river on one of two bridges, either Alexandra or Portage bridge. Regardless of which of the two routes you choose, before you, you will find beautiful views of the many historical buildings which add irresistible charm to downtown Ottawa. Parliament buildings are built around extensive lawns that give the monument even more pomp and impressiveness.

Ottawa River, Canada

To the right of the parliament, 200 meters away, can be seen canal Rideau, connecting the Ottawa River with Lake Ontario . In winter, the channel becomes a veritable winter wonderland and an incredible attraction. Created in 1832 as protection during the war with U.S., the 175-year-old canal is the oldest continuously operated in North America, and in 2007 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From the Ontario part of the river can be seen more places, such as the house of Governor General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the residence of Prime Minister and embassies, and on the Quebec side lining up, are towns like Hull, Elmer, Gatineau and others. Along the river Ontario in the capital, everyone who wishes to, can rent a kayak or canoe from Paddle Shack. Suitable for the initiative is sandy beach Westborro. With more courage one can descend down the river rapids.

The river flows out of Lake Capimitchigama in the Laurentian Mountains. They are a picturesque circuit, situated in the southern part of Quebec in Canada and are considered one of the oldest in the world. In the rocks of the mountain are to be found rocks that were part of the Cambrian period, who are aged nearly 540 million years. Located about 145 km from Montreal to the north, near the River St. Lawrence and Ottawa River. The Laurentian Mountains today are known mostly by their two pleasant resort of Mont Tremblant and Saint-Zhovit, offering both- in one.

After its source Ottawa, River goes west to Lake Timiskaming, where it begins to define the border with Ontario. Ottawa Lake flows south into the Ottawa and Gatineau, where it forms a beautiful waterfall - Chaudière Falls. After a length of 1271 kilometers Ottawa River flows into the Lake of Two Mountains and St. Lawrence River in Montreal.

Between Georgian Bay, and Ottawa River in the central part of the Canadian province of Ontario is a nature park, Algonquin. It is also one of the largest provincial parks across Canada. And is considered the oldest, having been founded in the 19th century. Here in Ottawa there are excellent conditions for water sports, especially sailing canoe.



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