Yenisei River

Yenisei River

Yenisei River runs through central Russia, assuming that it is conditionally divides West and East Siberia. Yenisei River is historic, also called the "Great River". River system, which it forms is the largest flowing into the North Atlantic glacier. Yenisei is considered the second largest river in Russia, the fourth longest river in Asia and seventh on the entire planet.

Yenisey crosses a vast Russian region, composed of astonishingly diverse landscapes, in which the cultural tradition of ancient peoples and customs is still alive. In parallel, the Yenisei is the basis for huge economic infrastructure.

Together with its three major tributaries - Angara (Angara), Selenga (Selenga) and Ider (Ider), river Yenisei feeds and drains an area of 2 598 897 sq. km. As a rule Yenisei flows through Mongolia and Russia, and has a length of 5539 km. Its spring adopts Selenga River, which rises in Mongolia and flows into Lake Baikal and the Angara River, which starts from the lake and flows into the Yenisei.

In fact, the beginning of Yenisei is accepted to be sourced from Small Yenisei, where the river reaches a length of 4287 km. Small Yenisei springs from the mountains of east Sayano in Mongolia and through the Republic of Tuva. If the length of river takes into account the location of the merging of large rivers Yenisei and Little Yenisei, in the mountains Kyuzyul Tana Ola it is 3487 km.

Yenisei runs south to north, between Mid-Syberian and West- Syberian plateau. Yenisei flows into the Arctic Ocean, or more precisely in the Kara Sea through it’s delta. The maximum depth of the Yenisei is 24 meters and average depth is around 14 meters. The average flow is 19, 600 m3 / s at maximum 190 000 m3 / s and a minimum of 2 700 m3 / s.

Every second Yenisei pours into the Arctic Ocean, over 19 million liters of water. The waters of the Yenisei are used for transportation, trade, tourism, sport and and hydro-electric production.

The mountain rivers along the basin of Yenisei are ideal for rafting with varying degrees of complexity, including extreme. Yenisei, with its numerous tributaries, is ideal for fishing, as there are more than 30 fish species typical for Siberia to be found in these waters.

Flora and fauna around along the Yenisei are rich, varied and beautiful. Some of the rarest trees, found only in this region of Russia are Pinus sibirica and Larix sibirica. In prehistoric times, around 6000 years BC, Pinus sylvestris grew in abundance around the Yenisei . The river is home to a huge variety of birds including such rare specimen is a hoodie (Corvus cornix).



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Gabe W.
Gabe W.
21.02.2013 16:39
I liek Yennysayy! In Soviet Russia the water swims in you

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