Lewis River

Lewis River and Lewis Falls

Yellowstone National Park is one of the places in the U.S., which must be seen. As the oldest park in the country, Yellowstone offers a great variety of beautiful natural scenery - there are mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, geysers, waterfalls, forests and many more exciting places.

Valley Yellowstone of the Yellowstone River is one of the lovely panoramas that can be seen in the park. In addition it has a river taking care to mark with its picturesque views, this stunning landscape - Lewis River. These are the two most important rivers that pass through Yellowstone National Park.

Lewis River and Lewis Falls

Lewis River and its canyon are located in the southern part of the park, the territory of Wyoming, which borders the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Lewis River is named after American explorer, military administrator Meriwether Lewis, who was leader of the expedition Lewis and Clark, which explored the area around the Missouri River and worked on the so-called Louisiana Purchase.

Itself, Lewis River originates from the southern end of Shoshone Lake and runs for about 4.8 km south to Lake Louise. It is in this short stretch of river, boating enthusiasts have an opportunity to pursue their hobby, because only here it is permitted. After the Lake, Lewis River continues its course again in a southerly direction, flowing through a rocky canyon at the southern entrance of the park.

In this section Lewis initiated several water cascades and the beautiful waterfalls Louis. Shortly before leaving the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, Lewis River flows into the Snake River and changes direction in a southerly direction. Lewis is the chief tributary of the Snake River. Shortly after Snake left the park boundaries and enters the Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Lake.

Lewis River is a relatively small, but highly picturesque river. This is reflected in the high 8.8 m waterfall cascade of Lewis, as well as throughout the canyon. Along it were also formed rapids. It is rich in brown and rainbow trout , making it an attractive place for fishing. The area of Lake Lewis is one of the best places in the park, where one can indulge in fishing with a stretched tent.

Valley of Lewis River after the waterfall is marked by its smooth course for about 4 km, which is surrounded by lush grass and trees. This section, however, is difficult to access because of the high and rocky walls that surround it. Besides Lewis River in Yellowstone National Park to see is also the Yellowstone river and Lake Yellowstone.

Do not miss the Shoshone Falls, which was formed along the Snake River, about 8 km east of Twin Falls. The height of this natural wonder is the whole 64.7 m - 10.9 m higher than Niagara Falls.



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