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Fort McHenry National Monument

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Fort McHenry National Monument

Fort McHenry National Monument is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is known for the key role it played in the War of 1812. Fort McHenry was able to hold the British attack on Baltimore harbor.

Fort McHenry was built after America won its independence, to protect the residents of Baltimore from the attacks of any enemies.

Fort McHenry was built by the design of Jean Foncin, back in 1798. The fort received its name thanks to James McHenry - he was a military secretary, and also one of those who signed the Constitution of the United American States in Maryland.

Fort McHenry was built in the form of a five-pointed star, and on each of them were placed special defenses and it was possible for the enemy to be attacked from all sides. There were enough positions of the defenders of the fort can attack the attackers, without themselves suffering and being exposed to fire.

The fort was able to sustain attacks by the British in September 1814, although they did not stop bombing for over twenty five hours. Unable to destroy the fort, they were able to enter in Baltimore to seize it. Although the battle was at its height and bombs were flying over the heads of Americans, there were only a few killed and wounded, among them a woman.

One of the bombs exploded nearly the entire fort as it fell on the gun powder stock, but fortunately it rained heavily and the store of gunpowder survived. At this time near Fort McHenry was passing a ship, from which Washington lawyer Francis Scott Key saw the battle, but also saw the American flag, which was purposely done with huge dimensions, to inspire the American defenders, and to show the British that Americans do not consider surrender an option.

Francis Scott Key was inspired by this and wrote a patriotic poem "The defense of Fort McHenry", which was later renamed "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Fort McHenry, Baltimore

This poem, which is considered an expression of deepest patriotism and served as an inspiration for thousands of Americans and became after a time the U.S. anthem.

Every year in May at the place where Fort McHenry stood, over four thousand students form a living American flag - the program is sponsored by The American Flag Foundation.

Fort McHenry was declared a national park in 1925 and in 1939 was declared a National Monument. It has long since been a tradition that when there is a new flag, to fly it over Fort McHenry first.

Fort McHenry is a destination that attracts tourists from around the globe. All who visit the National Monument, want to experience this important part of American history.

The flag that was flying over Fort McHenry is located in the National Museum of American History after the necessary restoration had taken place.



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