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Cabrillo National Monument

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San Diego - Cabrillo Monument

Cabrillo National Monument is located in San Diego, California. It is a historic lighthouse, from which a magnificent view opens, which attracts tourists from around the world, and is a monument dedicated to Juan Cabrillo.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was a Spaniard, who spent his life studying the U.S. west coast. He was the first European to set foot on the coast of modern-day California, so in his honor, a monument was erected.

The monument depicts a man who looks intently into the waters of the Pacific. Cabrillo was born in 1499 and was a known conquistador and explorer who served the Spanish queen.

Cabrillo was a brave soldier and participated in many battles, including in the conquest of Cuba and Mexico. He took an active part in the conquest of Tenochtitlan under the leadership of the famous Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez.

Cabrillo was also actively involved in the conquest of other territories - El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. His influence and his reputation grew rapidly, so in 1542 he was promoted to head of an armada of ships that departed to the place where today Acapulco is located. The purpose of the sea voyage was to find the legendary strait known as Anian.

At the end of September the armada of ships entered the bay of San Diego, then turned back. During the expedition the Spaniards made contact with some Indian tribes, but they were not friendly and wounded many Spaniards, including Cabrillo. He died of the wounds caused by the Indian warriors.

As a tribute to the first European to set foot on the coast of California today, the national monument Cabrillo was built, which is located in the southern peninsula of Point Loma.

Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument was built in 1913. The monument, which depicts a Spanish explorer, was placed in 1939 near the lighthouse.

Cabrillo National Monument is an important historical landmark. It is also the place where fans of sea creatures can watch whales. Nevertheless, this is mostly during the winter months.

Tourists get a great experience while visiting the national monument Cabrillo. Flora and fauna in this place are really great, but the sight of whales swimming nearby is remarkable, so no tourist should visit the Cabrillo national monument without a camera.

The monument is built in a gorgeous park in which visitors can walk, ride on special lanes and fish, as it is permitted that any tourist who has caught fish can choose one to take with.

The places which have the most magnificent views are often steep edges that could slide, so guides warn tourists to avoid looking at the ocean from high slopes.

Many tourists come to enjoy the magnificent view that opens to San Diego and the Pacific. If tourists want to experience the world of marine creatures, they can do it in one of the tidal basins of the coastal zone. Unfortunately, the surface is very slippery, so care must be taken for accidents. While going through the fish and seaweed, it should be taken as a priority to respond to any slipping.



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