Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga is located near Lake Champlain, which is named in honor of Samuel de Champlain, the first European to set foot in this region of the United States. He arrived in 1609.

In 1755 Frenchmen begun construction of the fort, which was then called Carillon. Frenchmen never managed to finish the fort. In 1756 in Europe began a seven-year war that lasted until 1763.

In 1756 was built the "le Jardin du Roi", whose purpose was to prepare food for the summer garrison, which cared for the construction of the fort. In 1757 French General Montcalm used the newly created Fort Carillon base, where they prepare their attacks against Fort William Henry.

In the U.S. at that time started a war that is known as the French-Indian was, although actually it was a war for spheres of influence between Britain and France. It is believed that the nation that controls Ticonderoga, monitors the situation throughout the country.

The aim of the British was the destruction of New France and the capture of Quebec - the heart of the French colonies. On July 8, 1758, the British troops, who outnumbered the French, laid siege to Fort Carillon. At that time there was 3200 people in it. General Abercrombie led an army numbering 17 000.

Proponents of the fort managed to reflect five powerful attacks by British troops. Only in one day of the battle the British lost 1900 soldiers and officers. Since then, July 8 is known as the bloodiest day in the history of North America before the Civil War.

After one year, in 1759 fort was again attacked by British troops. They were led by British General Jeffrey Amherst.

Frenchmen showed true heroism, but the fort had too few troops, so four days later the fort surrendered.

When they left, the soldiers blew up the warehouse with gunpowder, so for the British can not effectively use the fort. British repaired the fort and renamed it Ticonderoga.

For sixteen years the castle was British.

On May 10, 1775 American colonists attacked the fort and captured it, while the shrinking army, who lived in poverty in the fort, was asleep. In 1778 Fort Ticonderoga become American. Then the fort was abandoned because it no longer constituted a strategic location.

William Pell gave the fort a second life, when in 1820 he bought the abandoned fort. Pell was a merchant and knew that the fort would bring him money.

In several years he managed to turn this place into a popular tourist area, as many people come here to see the historical site. In 1904 the grandson of Pell hired the architect Alfred Bossom, who reconstructed the building. Today Fort Ticonderoga looks like a powerful fortress, dominating the lake.

In the summer, in the fort can be seen an orchestra that is dressed in uniforms of the eighteenth century and plays music typical of that era. It regularly hosts events that turn time back and recall that part of American history.

Tourists from around the world arrive at Fort Ticonderoga to see this unique historic site. Guides tell the people around the world of important events that happened behind the walls of the fort Ticonderoga.



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