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Semper Opera in Dresden

Semper Opera in Dresden

Semper Opera is part of the museum Zwinger, which is probably the largest cultural attraction of the Saxon city of Dresden. The building of the Opera Semper is the famous square in the theater complex, and its tourist tour is a must if you decide to see detail of this landmark in the Baroque German city.

Semper Opera performs the function of the Saxon State Opera in Dresden. Today, the Opera House, built by the architect Semper is considered one of the most important cultural buildings of the city and one of the most impressive monuments of Dresden.

Semper Opera House boasts a very turbulent history. The first building at this location appeared between 1838 and 1841, taking credit for this is the genius architect Gottfried Semper. After construction of the building it became famous as one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe.

In fact, the opera place near Theatre Square was there back in 1678. The newly Opera Semper was built in the early Renaissance architectural style. The architect himself was greatly influenced by ancient Roman architecture.

Interestingly, the Semper Opera at the time was home to the premiere of many works of Richard Wagner, who came to Dresden a year before the construction was completed.

Semper Opera

In 1869 the building became the victim of a devastating fire, which lead to its conversion between 1871 and 1878. At that time the architect of Semper was in exile because of taking part in a failed democratic uprising. The work on the new opera was tackling his son, Manfred, who decided to build the opera in high Renaissance style.

At the end of World War II, in 1945, Dresden was heavily damaged by the bombing and Semper Opera was also no exception, as some of its parts were entirely destroyed. The building was reconstructed years later, between 1977 - 1985 year.

The main objective was to restore the previous architectural structure, however, it had to meet modern requirements. The official opening of the new Semper Opera took place in February 1985 with a performance of Weber's work.

Many believe that the Semper Opera can stand shoulder to shoulder with La Scala in Milan with the quality of the acoustics. The building of the Semper Opera can not be confused, as it stands on the Theatre Square, on the side of the river Elbe in the Zwinger complex.

The square in front of the opera offers an interesting statue of King John Saxon, added in 1889. This statue, and one which you can see on the roof of the Semper Opera are sculptured by, Johann Schilling.



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