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Zwinger Museum in Dresden

Zwinger in Dresden

Visiting the Saxon German city of Dresden will not be complete without visiting the incredible museum complex Zwinger. The museum Zwinger is a large exhibition complex consisting of Dresden art gallery, various pavilions and associated art galleries. The museum Zwinger is located in the Old Town of Dresden. Here are many of the notable buildings of the city, making the Zwinger one of the most popular and admired sights of Dresden.

The museum Zwinger is actually an enchanting baroque complex where you can see some of the best and most famous works of world famous artists. Zwinger was commissioned by the Saxon ruler Augustus the Strong. The foundations of the museum were laid in 1710, and the entire complex was completed 22 years later (1732). Chief Architect is Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann, which works together with the sculptor Balthasar Permoser. Both create a total of six pavilions connected by large galleries.

Especially beautiful and interesting are Rampart Pavilion, and the Pavilion Glockenspiel. Rampard is noted for its statue of Hercules. Pavilion Glockenspiel was originally named City Pavilion, but its name is changed after in it were installed bells, which occurred between 1924 and 1936. Two pavilions are located opposite in different parts of the museum Zwinger .

Presumed main entrance to the Zwinger is Crown Gate, but today the museum visitors can come in Theatre Square in passages in the Art Gallery. Dresden art gallery was built in neo-Renaissance style. Construction of the building started in 1847 by Semper, but the construction was completed in 1855 by architect Kruger. The whole complex Zwinger surrounds a lovely courtyard with fountains, around which queue pavilions and galleries.

In the southern part of the complex Zwinger is located Crown Gate, which is one of the most striking emblems of the museum. Distinctive for it is a golden-crown.

Zwinger Palace in Dresden, Germany

The original architectural plan of the Zwinger includes only three wings and a courtyard that is open to the Elbe. Once in 1841 the building was completed the Semper Opera House, the architect decided to make the gated Zwinger Gallery and rises in the Renaissance style. The construction of this new wing began in 1847.

It became known simply as the Art Gallery. It can be seen in great works of art. Here is available Old Masters Gallery, where they can see first-class lanes of van Dijck, Rubens, Vermeer, Titian, Raphael and others. One of the most popular works of Zwinger is "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael.

In addition to this gallery, this wing of the Zwinger Museum Rüstkamme houses a historic one. In the gallery, which is situated to the left of the front entrance to the Zwinger we can see incredible exposure to porcelain. Near Rampart pavilion we can visit Math-physical salon that will impress you with their collections of scientific objects such as clocks, globes and more.



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