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Riegersburg Castle

Riegersburg Castle

Riegersburg Castle soars high on a volcanic, basalt cliff with excellent views of the village with the same name and is located in the picturesque valley, green forests and beautiful vineyards of the Austrian province of South-East Styria. It was built in this location around 850 years ago. The castles fame as a fortress was, that it was never taken in any invasions. Today Riegersburg is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Austria.

It is assumed that the original medieval fortress was erected on the highest hill around 1100. The complex is frightening with its impressive size - the walls of the castle reaches more than 3 kilometers, and the complex has11 bastions. A total of 7 gates were built on the 15 hectares that surround the plateau of the hill.

By 1822 the beautiful castle was privately owned by the family of Liechtenstein. The entire complex has 108 rooms, which are now 2 exhibitions. The entire first floor is dedicated to the 900-year history of the Liechtenstein family. In the basement can be seen the famous exhibition "Witches and wizards" .

Be sure to enter the grand hall of the Knights, built around 1600. This premise is impressesive with its beautiful inlaid doors and ceilings, which are considered one of the treasures of the castle. Interesting is also the White Hall, completed in 1658 with its unique baroque ceiling that has artistic value.

Castle Riegersburg

The Turks never penetrated the fortress and today remains a challenge for those wishing to visit it. There leads to the top of the hill of a steep path, and also there is funicular lift that reaches the summit in about 2 minutes.

The best time of year to visit the interesting medieval Riegersburg Castle is in late summer, with the first beginnings of autumn and the changing scenery. The beauty of the flora at the time, will enchant you with their colorful warm tones.

Before you reach Riegersburg Castle do not miss the opportunity to explore the local agricultural production. Stop in one of the roadside farms to buy fresh roasted chestnuts and famous in Austria, a young wine called Sturm.



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