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Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg is a charming German town situated at the northern bend of the Danube river shortly after its merger with the Regen river. East of Regensburg spreads the large Bavarian Forest, which lies at the heart of the German province of Bavaria. The old city of Regensburg is unique with its antique buildings and bridges. Everything shines in warm tones and creates a unique atmosphere and most of the facades of the buildings are painted pink and ocher. The perfectly preserved medieval center of Regensburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regensburg is known as a city of churches. Religious symbol of the city is the magnificent St. Peter's Cathedral, whose majestic Gothic building is known as Petersdom. The Cathedral of St. Peter stands pretty well in the center of the city, mostly impressing with the clean lines of its perfect Bavarian Gothic architectural style. The Regensburg cathedral is considered the most important religious shrine in the Bavarian town.

The first religious building in Regensburg today appeared about the year 700, it was erected at the site of today's parish church Niedermünster. Around 739, St. Boniface decided to move the episcopal office by selecting the area of Porta Praetoria, which is the north gate of the old Roman fort, resulting in the foundations of the Cathedral of St. Peter appearing in this place. Petersdom’s construction began in 1275 and ended in 1634. The end result is a grand cathedral, which is distinguished by its architecture. The cathedral in Regensburg uses a rare lime green.

A major feature of the cathedral is that the newer part of the structure stands apart from the ancient Roman foundations. Today in the northern part of the tower Petersdom- Eselsturm, never ceases to be used for centuries. Today the tower is used to carry building materials to the upper levels of the temple.

Cathedral of St. Peter in Regensburg

In the interior of the impressive cathedral we will be amazed with its stained glass. The amazing painted windows were installed between 1220-1230 and 1320-1370. Only the windows on the west facade were completed in the 19th century. Left windows on the altar of the cathedral are the work of Professor Oberberger who installed them between 1967 and 1968.

In fact, St. Peter's cathedral was completed in 1634. Emblematic are its majestic towers in front of it, which were completed in final form in 1869. The cathedral's interior is impressive with several masters’ works, and many interesting monuments, including a masterpiece of Peter Vischer.

Interesting to visit are also two more small chapels near the majestic Gothic cathedral. These chapels date from the 8th century and are known as the Old Cathedral. The cathedral of St. Peter in Regensburg is popular with his church choir, which is considered the oldest still-functioning boys choir in the world.



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