They say that the weather in Regensburg is often quite poor, variable, and one does not know what to expect. Statistics do indicate that most of the suicides in Germany are in this part of the country. Whether there is a connection between the two is not known, but one thing is certain - even when it is dark Regensburg is able to warm the hearts of visitors with its charming urban atmosphere. The old city of Regensburg is filled with old buildings and bridges, and most of the facades of buildings glow in warm colors such as pink and ocher. The well preserved medieval center of Regensburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regensburg is another beautiful city, situated on the Danube. Unlike other cities that are located along the river, Regensburg is located right at the northern bend of the Danube river, shortly after its merger with the river Regen. East of Regensburg spreads the largest Bavarian forest. Regensburg is located in the heart of the German province of Bavaria. Especially important for Regensburg is that is has the largest German port situated on the Danube. This South German city is the starting station of the Rhine-Mein-Danube. The population of Regensburg reaches about 150 000 people.

Regensburg, Germany

The Latin name of Regensburg was Castra Regina, meaning Fortresses on the Regen river. In Roman times there was erected the castle Castra Regina. It is estimated that around 179, under the management of Marcus Aurelius was formed the first settlement at the site of today's Regensburg. It was an important center in the beginning of the river, and now its place is occupied by the Old Town of Regensburg.

In 1245 Regensburg exists as an independent imperial city, which was quite a key trading center before the shifting of trade routes in the Middle Ages. In the late 15th century Regensburg became part of the Duchy of Bavaria (1486) but its independence was restored by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1496. Two centuries earlier, in the 12th century the old stone bridge over the river was built.

Regensburg Cathedral

Because of its magnificent monuments, mostly concentrated in the Old Town of Regensburg, this is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Most of the buildings are sealed architectural styles of 17-18 century. Most of the historical buildings in Regensburg are located around the square, "Bismarck" and "Heidi." Here you can see the old town hall, the magnificent cathedral Petersdom, Stone Bridge, the Roman wall, noble houses in the Italian style, like the Golden Tower and the Tower Baumberg.

Regensburg is known as a city of churches. Here again in the historical center you can see the impressive cathedral St. Peter, whose magnificent Gothic building is known as Petersdom. The architecture of St. Peter is an excellent example of the pure line of Bavarian Gothic style. The construction of the magnificent Petersdom began in 1275 and ended in 1634, as it has rare green limestone used in construction.

Exceptions are the two majestic towers in front, which are finalized in 1869. The cathedral interior is impressive with masters’ works, and many interesting monuments, including a masterpiece by Peter Vischer. Petersdom in Regensburg has two smaller chapels, which date from the 8th century and are known as the Old Cathedral. At the cathedral still sings the oldest boys' choir in the world.

Among the main sights of Regensburg is a stone bridge which was built between 1135-1146, this bridge is considered of top value of engineering in the Middle Ages. Knights of the Second and the Third Crusade have passed the bridge over the Danube in Regensburg on the way to the Holy Land.



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