Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is a sacred to the Eastern religions place. The secret Hills are located in a remote western edge of the Tibetan Himalayas.

Mount Kailash is considered sacred to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. The legend of the mythical living god of destruction and recovery – Shiva lies here. Mount Kailash is situated among the six mountain ranges and hence is the main watershed of southeastern Asia. From the mountain spring four different rivers that descend down the rocks towards the four corners of the world. Many representatives of Eastern religions believe this place the cradle of humanity and the center of the world.

From Sanskrit Kailash translates as crystal. Tibetans all the sacred peaks Gang Rinpoche, which translated means gem of snow.

According to all religions that revere the mountain as sacred, no one should tread on its territory or climb its slopes, or they will sin. Here are told many stories of brave men who dared to try to conquer the peak, but died while they climbed the slopes and mountains.

Holy mount Kailash

The peak itself for centuries is a place of religious pilgrimage, as it is extremely difficult to climb. Believers must walk the 52-mile detour to reach the supreme sacred place. The road for Buddhists is clockwise, but for believers in God Bonn is in the opposite direction. This ritual is called the crust. According to beliefs, you must be able to do 108 laps on the mountain receive enlightenment.

Pilgrims at Mount Kailas must not fail to dive in Manasarovar lake, called Lake of enlightenment and self-awareness. With its 4585 m altitude, it is the highest freshwater lake on earth.

In 1985 Reinhold Messner, the famous mountaineer received permission from Chinese authorities to climb Kailas, but refused at the last minute.

In 2000 a Spanish expedition also received the permission of Chinese authorities to conquer the summit. Command group formed camp at the foot of Kailas but failed to go up the slopes. Hundreds of activists blocked the entrance way of the climbers, supported by the Dalai Lama, United Nations, a number of large international organizations and millions of believers from all over the world. After their protest, the Spaniards had to abandon their intentions.



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