Milwaukee is the largest city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It is located on the southwest coast of the popular Lake Michigan, which gives a nice whiff to the dynamic city.

Memorable emblem of the city is the building, located in the Milwaukee Art Museum. The unique architecture of the facility, and great exhibits, mean that the museum became a top destination in Milwaukee. 300 000 people annually visit the art center. On four floors are placed 40 galleries with over 25 000 original works. The building is built of white concrete and the structure looks like outstretched wings. The designer was Santiago Calatrava. Nearby is the Reiman Bridge, which also is the brainchild of the Spanish architect.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The museum is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Tickets cost of access is from 12 to 14 dollars.

Another attraction is the research center in Milwaukee (Discovery World). There you can find an incredible variety of things that perhaps you will not see or feel anywhere else. The 3D Center offers screenings, aircraft simulators and more. And yet - there you will be able to lie on nails and see what it is like inside a nuclear reactor. On the territory of the museum there are aquariums with interesting representatives of the water world, particularly the lake dwellers. Admission is $ 1.50 for adults and $ 1 for children.

Milwaukee is home of the St. John the Evangelist. This religious shrine has over 150 years of history. The Cathedral was built in the Austro-German style. The Christian home is considered one of the historical landmarks of the United States. The shrine is located near the Cathedral Square Park. Another impressive temple is the Roman Catholic chapel of the St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Oratory, whose architect is a Pole.

Milwaukee, WI

Impressive landmark building is the Milwaukee City Hall, built in 1895. The charming building is also built in the style of an architect of German origin. The 108-meter building is one of the highest in Milwaukee.

Once visited the city, you cannot miss a walk along the pedestrian promenade of the scenic Milwaukee River Walk. Thanks to the street and strong preference for locals, guests can unwind by walking on it. Milwaukee River Walk today is highly developed area, where you can find everything - business offices, office buildings, restaurants and amenities. The alley was built in 1988 as the basic idea then was to bring people to the beautiful city of Milwaukee, by the River.

Among the sights of the city is magnificent Miller Park. The unique stadium gathers fans of baseball. The stadium is one of the few who have a retractable roof and natural grass. Sports fans will be interested to learn that the stadium in Milwaukee is the largest architectural project ever implemented in Wisconsin. From April to September, the stadium is open for tourists who can make a 75-minute tour of the facility. The price of access is from 6 to 10 dollars.

Milwaukee was founded in 1876 by French missionaries and traders. Subsequently, to the city comes a large German community, which also runs its own style and culture into the general colour of the newly established American city. The architectural diversity and unity of different communities of the city attracts millions of visitors each year into Milwaukee.



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