Eindhoven is a city and municipality in the southern Netherlands. It is the largest city in the province of Noord-Brabant with a population of about 212 000 people. Eindhoven is known as a very pleasant place for life and visits. It is the fifth largest city in the country. Its lively center offers a wide variety of shops, bars, pubs and restaurants, terraces and what not else. It boasts a rich cultural life and no shortage of nightlife.

Eindhoven is located on an area of 88, 890 sq.km. There is an airport located 7 km from the city. Eindhoven is a city of high technology and information sciences, led by the company headquarter of Phillips. Eindhoven looks like a young and modern city, but it is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, evidence of which comes from its rich historical past.

Einhoven Cathedral

According to historical documents, Eindhoven begins to exist as a city in 1232 when Duke Hendrik I of Brabant gives it such status. At that time Eindhoven is formed as a small fortress town and outside the city walls stood a castle. Regularly in medieval Eindhoven has organized a weekly market. Farmers in nearby villages were obliged to come to Eindhoven to sell their products.

Furthermore, the settlement was an important point on the trade route from Holland to Liège. During World War II, Eindhoven was virtually leveled and now there is almost nothing left of its cultural and historical sights.

Modern Eindhoven began to grow and develop soon after the invention of the light bulb. From this moment, the city was on the path to being a prosperous city and one of the most important in Europe with regard to science, technology and design. Many high-tech companies in Eindhoven attract students from around the world.

Cathedral in Einhoven

After the restoration of Eindhoven after World War II, there is a modern outlook of the city with modern multi-storey buildings. Main role in this plays Philips, who founded a small factory for light bulbs in Eindhoven in 1892. The city is defined as an excellent place for investment and the Technical University of Eindhoven is considered one of the best in the world.

An interesting feature of the architecture of Eindhoven is the fact that some of the buildings are built in modern style on the old foundations. Although it can not boast a rich cultural heritage, Eindhoven is quite a remarkable place to see. The Museum of Modern Art there is world famous and has a very large range of modern masterpieces.

Philips has the merit of creating a music center, whose halls for classical and popular music come with the best acoustics in Europe. Philips is also a sponsor of the Science Museum of Evolution, and is the main reason for the beautifully illuminated buildings of Eindhoven. Because of them the city is often called the "City of Light."

Eindhoven is one of the best green cities and can boast many beautiful urban parks and gardens. Gennerper Park is a pleasant place for walking and cycling, and all of Eindhoven is surrounded by natural parks, forests and reserves. The modern and well lit Eindhoven is a bright spot in sport. The football team PSV Eindhoven is one of the best in Europe.



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