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Fullerton University

Fullerton is a city located in the territory of California. The city is located within Orange County. The population is about 135 000 people.

The town was founded in 1887 by Edward Amerige, which he named after George Fullerton, who laid the railroads Topeka and Santa Fe. The town was an agricultural center where mainly oranges and other citrus trees are grown. There are several educational institutions and among them stands the University of California.

The territory where today the town Fullerton is located, was inhabited by saber-toothed cats and mammoths. Europeans first appeared in the region in 1769 when Gaspar de Portola comes with an expedition to establish a Mission of San Gabriel Arcangel.

Because of this, the local Indian population became known as Gabrielinos. Later this land became part of Rancho San Juan Cajon de Santa Ana, which was donated to the Spanish soldier Juan Pacifico Ontiveros. He began to sell parcels of land from the ranch to American settlers who were looking for a place to live after the gold rush in California.

In 1886, the brothers George and Edward Amerige found out that the Central Railroad Company of California was looking for a place to place the railway line. They managed to buy four hundred and thirty acres of land north of Anaheim.

They began negotiations with George Fullerton, president of Pacific Land and Improvement. They offered attractive conditions to Fullerton and promised to establish a railroad town.

Fullerton, California

In 1894, Charles Chapman, a retired publis8her, bought the orange groves in eastern Fullerton. He planted oranges from the Rancho Santa Ysabel and they were well acclimatized, which led to a boom of orange trees in the city. The town grew many nuts and avocados and the western railway line turned into a thriving agricultural center. Fullerton had been officially recognized as a city in 1904.

Drilling for oil began in 1880 with the discovery of the oilfields Brea-Olinda. The city has many houses, inspired by the Spanish colonial era and the Italian Renaissance. In 1925, the city built the Theatre Fox Fullerton. In 1913 the College of Fullerton was created.

At that time, in the city appears ordinance that prohibits parking on the streets at night. This Ordinance still applies in the city today.

The period from 1910 to 1950 was a golden era for the city, which built beautiful elegant buildings with typical California Mediterranean architecture surrounded by pastoral farms and parks.

The city gradually became the center of Air and Space industry. In 1949, Leo Fender creates the famous guitar Fender Telecaster, which is used by the greatest guitarists and musicians of the twentieth and twenty first century. Among the fans of this guitar are Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Kurt Cobain.

After World War II, the population of Fullerton grew. In the late nineties of the twentieth century, the symbol of the city, Fox Theatre, was distressed. In 2006, the reconstruction of the theater started. At the same time the center of town became a fashionable place where structures of leading business and cultural institutions were assembled.



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