Grindelwald is one of the unique alpine resorts in the Swiss Bernese Alps. Located at 1034 m altitude of Grindelwald is part of the Municipality Interlaken-Oberhasli, in the canton of Bern. Nearly 4 000 people live in the pleasant village, and according to statistics from several years ago, 15% of residents are foreigners. To get here, you need to take the train from Interlakten.

The rail Wengernalpbahn to Grindelwald is associated with the passage Kleine Scheidegg, where the transition to attack the majestic Jungfrau peak is, passing through a tunnel dug into the very top of the Eiger, and hence to the world class ski resort of Wengen. Grindelwald village itself stands 12 km northeast of Wengen. Grindelwald is one of the starting points for climbing the peaks of Eiger, Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Grindelwald was mentioned by name for the first time back in 1146. At present this is one of the most pleasant and peaceful places in the Swiss Alps, where even a layperson can ski. There are excellent trails for beginners, intermediates and professionals, the latest of which is attached to the challenges of the Eiger glacier.

Peaks from Grindelwald

About 40 lift pass within the Grindelwald and connect it with the Wengen resort. Ski slopes for beginners are located near the village and access is facilitated by public transport. The total length of runs is 213 km, the number of runs for beginners is 16.

Intermediate level skiers can choose out of all 24 tracks and experienced skiers retain the rights over 15 runs. The maximum displacement that can be overcome is about 1900 meters. The longest trail in Grindelwald is 9 km.

The village itself is a developed tourist town with numerous accommodation options. Usually, a hotel you can find for more than 40 euros, if you want to rent a house or hut, you can go twice as cheap. There are small restaurants and pubs that allow a person to have a nice warm drink, then continue their descent.

Family hotels in Grindelwald

Riding and downhill skiing is not the only sport that can be exercised in Grindelwald. There are excellent bases developed for sledging and skiing tracks with total length 20 km. As host of start of the snowboarding World Cup, Grindelwald has three specialist snowboard schools that teach in a classy snowboard park. Access to most of the runs is secured from the lifts.

In practice, there is almost no sport that you can not practice in Grindelwald. It is an equally good resort both in winter and summer, allowing mountain biking, mountain climbing, Nordic walking, and there are even conditions for tennis and golf. Throughout the town are scattered small jewelry shops, boutiques, souvenir shops and large centers for sports equipment.



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