Izumo Taisha

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Izumo Taisha

Izumo Taisha is a small place, but with great cultural importance for the whole of Japan. Located in the city of Izumo, it is near the city of Shimane Prefecture in Taishamachi (Shimane) of the country.

Izumo Taisha is a sacred place which is erected at the foot of not less sacred hills and Yakumo and Kamiyama. The place is considered the oldest and most revered of the faith throughout Japan.

According to the old Japanese manuscripts every building n this monument has stood on an impressive 96 meters of hight. It is considered that in the period around 1200 it was the largest wooden building in the Empire.

The oldest preserved building dates from 1744 and it testifies to the scale dimensions of the sacred complex in the past. Recently, archaeologists discovered the foundations of large wooden columns that could export nearly 100 foot structure of the sanctuary.

The complex began with massive bronze gates leading to the so called Gadatelna hall. At the entrance is placed the giant Japanese rope called, shimenawa. This ceremonial rope was woven from different grasses, and its size is impressive having a length of about 13 m, and weighs nearly half a ton. To the inner sanctuary visitors have access and can see the interior of this beautiful, sculpted carvings in the wooden door.

The interior of this holy place is declared a national treasure. The Japanese is solved in the architectural style of Taisha, the floor is raised and the roof is of timber joints. Around the temple there are trees in which are usually tied the gadatelni strips because it brings happiness to the arrival of who worship there.

The most convenient transportation to the sanctuary of Izumo Taisha is by train from Matsue city.

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