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San Francisco de Asis Church

St,. Francis de Asis

San Francisco de Asis is an integral part of the history of the small town of Ranchos de Taos, in New Mexico. With an incredible wealth of history, this temple is protected by the organization UNESCO, which includes the Church of St. Francis de Asis in its list of world historical and cultural heritage sites. Incredibly beautiful and noteworthy, San Francisco de Asis was more than once drawn into the works of many world famous artists.

San Francisco de Asis is an integral part of the history of the town and the community of Ranchos de Taos. While it stands apart from the village, the church is indivisible from the city and its residents, who regard it as their greatest asset. Although the historic San Francisco de Asis boasts some influences of contemporary culture, that perhaps that makes it so important for the locals. Regularly lectures take place in the temple, people discuss problems of life and excitement - there's even a basketball court.

Being inspiration for many painters and artists that have passed through the area of New Mexico, the Church of St. Francis de Asis was already known long ago. Statistics show that the unique architecture and structure of the Mexican church recreation is much more popular with the masters of the brush than any other church in the United States. St. Francis de Asis is a loved motif of different photographers.

The foundations of the temple were made sometime in 1772 and was completed in 1815 by Franciscan patron San Francisco de Asis. The completed church became a unique example of a building erected with old architectural patterns, interspersed with global technology architecture.

The church of San Francisco de Asis was built entirely of wood, which is cemented with adobe. It resembles a medieval castle and is surrounded by four feet thick walls, which reach a height of about one meter. The incredibly romantic building of the Church of St. Francis de Asis is of great historical value. The Museum of New Mexico Press, even issued a special encyclopedia with essays, photographs, paintings and stories related to the old building of San Francisco de Asis.

The collection includes 54 color and 37 black and white drawings and photographs by some of the most famous American writers. Among the authors are Georgia O'Keeffe, and some of the names of photographers that have captured amazing views of the Church of San Francisco de Asis are Ansel Adams and Paul Strand.

The church of San Francisco de Asis is a favorite place of worship on Sunday, for the locals. The church is open to the public Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00. On October 4 the village and church celebrate its patron saint - St. Francis de Asis. In this very historical town of many old buildings and houses are transformed into galleries, museums, restaurants and shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs.



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