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Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito

Sausalito is a small town situated along the coast of the Gulf of San Francisco. It is located in Marin County, California in the USA. The nearest village from here is situated 13 km away- San Rafael.

Sausalito is located just after the northern end of the, "Golden Gate Bridge", but before construction of the bridge, it was a terminus of the rail and ferry routes. Much of the visitors come here today by ferry.

About 7, 500 people live in Sausalito, but their small charming town welcomes thousands of tourists annually. The town developed rapidly as a shipbuilding center during World War II, the industrial boost of the city gave way in postwar years, so it can develop as a pleasant place for living and tourism. The social policy of Sausalito works for its establishment as a cultural and tourist center and today it is part of the so-called “Golden Gate recreation area”.

The name of the town was given by the Spaniards. Passing by the local banks, the travellers named the place with this name because of the many small streams near the growing willows (Sauselitos in Spanish means willow).

Very often, the landscape of the coast of Sausalito is compared with that of the Mediterranean because of the fabulous ocean views. On the coast there are many cafes, bars, boutiques, souvenir shops, but also many galleries. Cultural life is very pronounced in several annual festivals that take place here.

In autumn there are two local festivals, which take place. In winter comes the Winterland Festival. Besides these, here the Jazz and blues shows near the Gulf take place and there are Arias in the afternoons.

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