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Toulon, France

The Mediterranean city of Toulon, in France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. There are many picturesque squares and fine buildings, located in the "old part" of town, excellent restaurants and cafes "scattered" around the seaside, with several attractive shopping options annually attracting thousands of tourists to the town of Toulon.

The town's history is many centuries long. There is evidence that even in the 7th century BC, the land port of Toulon was carrying out extensive trade. Today, the population of the south eastern French city is about 170, 000 people.

The old part of Toulon is probably more attractive to the guests of the city’s location. The town is located between the ports of Boulevard Strasbourg and Cours Lafayette. The ancient complex is a pedestrian area with cobbled streets, picturesque squares and beautiful fountains. There are some superb sights of this Mediterranean city. Among them was the famous Country Market, which gathers Lafayette merchants every morning in its yard.

In the old part of town is the local Toulon Cathedral. The chaplain "Body of Christ" founded in the body of this religious temple is a masterpiece in the field of sculpture. The work of art was carved in the 18th century in Baroque style. The original work was impressive, built in wood by the sculptor and painter Pierre Puget. After a fire, in 1661 the altar was replaced with marble figures, entwined in each other in the ultimate mystery. Replica of the original is made by his nephew Christophe Veyrier.

Starting from the "Old Town" in the direction of the Railway station, you will find perhaps the most picturesque place in Toulon - Place de la Liberté. There is also the downtown section. The buildings around the square date from the 18th century. Most notable among them is that of the Toulon Opera - second largest in France and one of the historical monuments in the country of the Gauls. The lodges are built around the stage on several levels, seamlessly carrying visitors in romantic ancient times. The capacity of the opera is about 2000 people. The external design of the building is also impressive. The building was built in the 19th century.

In the centre of Freedom Square, the fountains are magnificent - one of the emblems of Toulon. Toulon is famous for its preserved and developed wine traditions.

Toulon houses France's largest naval base and the largest shipyards in the Mediterranean. The sea front is covered with nice restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, fishing vessels and pleasure boats that can take you to nearby islands. Around the harbour and the fort is located the Tour Royale, erected in the 16th century and serving many years for the protection of Toulon.

Among the most interesting museums of Toulon is the French Navy museum, the Museum of Old Toulon with its environs, the Museum of Asian Arts, the Museum of Arts, Historical Museum.

Another non-traditional landmark of Toulon are the interesting frescoes, giving emphasis to the original urban landscape. The walls of some buildings are exquisitely painted, there are even three-dimensional drawings on some of the buildings of the French city.

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