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Cetatuia MonasteryCetatuia Monastery
13 Jan.
Nina 2
Cluny AbbeyCluny Abbey
10 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Banz CastleBanz Castle
10 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Yungbulakang PalaceYungbulakang Palace
The Yungbulakang Monastery is the first palace in Tibet, which has become a monastery. The unique construction of the monastery Yungbulakang has nearly 2 000 years of history and today is considered one of the oldest bui...
Jerónimos MonasteryJerónimos Monastery
The Portuguese capital [Lisbon] is often a preferred destination for many excursionists, because of its enormous cultural and historical heritage, architectural masterpieces, beautiful temples and churches, palaces and m...
Meteora is a place in Greece, which is unique with its attractive group of rock monasteries (Meteora Monastery). The rock monasteries of Meteora are now an active complex of 7 temples in the central part of the country. ...
Rila MonasteryRila Monastery
Founded in the early 10th century by St. Ivan Rilski, the monastery for nearly 11 centuries has been the undisputed symbol of the Bulgarian national spirit. The monastery is situated in the picturesque foothills of the h...
Sumela MonasterySumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery is one of the oldest Christian churches of our planet. Fully carved in a cave in the steep cliffs, it is located in Trabzon Province in northeastern Turkey. Nearby is the [Black Sea] coast of the country...
Montserrat MonasteryMontserrat Monastery
Montserrat National Park is the first nature park in the territory of Spain. It is located 50 km northwest of [Barcelona]. It is located in the Spanish region of Catalonia. In this area rises the jagged eponymous mountai...
Tintern AbbeyTintern Abbey
The famous Tintern Abbey is located in a very picturesque area, in South Wales. The place of religious temple, which today are mostly ruins left, is only closed between [Wye River] and south of the village Tintern. This ...
Mount AthosMount Athos
Mount Athos in Greece is the treasury of Orthodox faith. It is the northernmost mountainous peninsula of the three that make up the Halkidiki peninsula. This monastic sanctuary is located about 140 km east of Thessalonik...
Barsana MonasteryBarsana Monastery
Barsana Monastery is a complex of unique structure built entirely of wood. The wooden Barsana Monastery is situated in a village in the valley of the Iza River, in the Romanian Maramures Region, in Northern Transylvania....