Whaling wall in Jerusalem

For every believer who visits the the holy place of worship in Jerusalem, it is a major achievement in ones earthly path. Widespread debate is that it is in Jerusalem where man is closest to God. The Israeli town is built on a hill and to reach it you need to have quite a climb. This climb is also very symbolic being related to religious beliefs. Jerusalem is the most sacred place for Jews and for Christians and Muslims.

Jerusalem is located almost in the central part of Israel. This largest religious center is the official capital, Israel, while most UN member states to consider Israel's capital Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the main political and religious center of the country. The town is located in the southern plateau, which is included in the integrity of Jews mountains. Jerusalem is also located about 60 km east of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean. East of Jerusalem, about 35 km away is the Dead Sea.


Jerusalem is surrounded by valleys and dry watercourses. The city stands at about 760 m altitude. The valleys Kidron, Hinnom and Tyropoeon are collected near the southern end of the Old City of Jerusalem.

This region is the source of the history for Christianity. Later in Jerusalem archaeologists discovered the firewall of 3, 000 years, which confirms history of the biblical test. This is a priceless discovery which dates from the 10th century BC. It is 70 meters long and 6 meters high according to experts the stone wall is part of a secure complex comprising a gate guard, upgraded building and watchtower. In the Biblical book of the First Kings it says that King Solomon of Israel had built a firewall in Jerusalem. The new discovery is the first evidence of such structure.

Jerusalem Walls

Each year, Christ's Resurrection in Jerusalem accustoms millions of pilgrims from around the world. This holds believers that they witnessed a great miracle that occurred the day before the church holiday, Easter. In Jerusalem, above the Holy Sepulchre was erected a small chapel, and above it a majestic temple. Each year on the Holy Saturday the Orthodox Holy Fire gets lit. The earliest reference to the Holy Fire is the second century AD. It has a divine origin and in the first minutes after its occurrence, it does not burn money nor your hands and clothes.

Jerusalem stems from 2000 BC. Many ancient and medieval states have joined Jerusalem to its territory. In 1004 BC, Jerusalem had emerged as a center of Jewish people, and Solomon built a magnificent palace there with fortified walls and a temple. After his death for some time the religious significance of Jerusalem died and the Kings of Babylon burned the city including the Temple of Solomon around 6th century BC.

By order of King Cyrus the Great around 536 BC Jerusalem was built anew. In the recent history of Jerusalem, linking it with the Crusaders, who in 1099 conquered it and then the city remained in their hands until 1187 when Saladin recaptured it. Between 1517 and 1917 Jerusalem was in the Ottoman Empire. By the end of World War I, Jerusalem, was almost all the time in the possession of Muslims. In 1950 the Government of Israel declared the western part of Jerusalem as the capital of the country, in 1967 they annexed the eastern part of town.

One key place in Jerusalem is the Golden Gate. Opposite it is the Garden of Gethsemane. At the time of Jesus, around there were olive trees and cypresses. The Russian monastery of St. Mary Magdalene is part of what remained the green charm in their gardens. Under this temple is the "Church of All Nations", which is Catholic. It was erected at the place where God's son makes his last prayer before capture.



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