Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the administrative capital of Israel. This function is assigned to historical Jerusalem, but in practice it is concentrated only on government and religion. Everything else in Israel, such as culture, recreation and business are located in Tel Aviv that is the modern face of Israel.

Tel Aviv is a relatively new town, founded in 1909. The original idea was that the settlement was to be something like a Jewish suburb of the Arab port of Jaffa, which is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. It is located on a hill, which opened an invaluable view of the coast of Tel Aviv. With the massive emigration of Jews from all over the world, however, Tel Aviv began to acquire a significant scale. Today Jaffa is included within the second largest cities in Israel.

Tel Aviv Panorama View

Once called six-day war in 1967, in protest of Occupied Territories, most countries have their embassies in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. The only exception is Costa Rica and El Salvador, whose embassies are only in Jerusalem. Currently almost all the international community consider Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel. That is why most embassies are located in this city instead of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is a remarkable characteristic of southern European architecture, because of this the town in 2003 was included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Tel Aviv is located in western Israel on the Mediterranean coast. In a large metropolitan area of Tel Aviv is home to approximately 3 200 000 people. In the center of Tel Aviv live about a half million people. Tel Aviv is undustrialniya and business center of Israel . Additional positive line play that Tel Aviv offers visitors and beach. Today in Tel Aviv has a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes, luxury boutiques. These factors together with the favorable climate of the city, make it attractive tourist destination for many people around the world.

Tel Aviv Beach

The walk along the beach in Tel Aviv is a real pleasure. Throughout its length is built a pleasant promenade for walking around which much of it including modern institutions of Tel Aviv. Across the Israeli city you will see a colorful palette of people - residents and immigrants from different nations, which are supplemented by the flows of tourists.

Along with the modern high buildings in Tel Aviv and the fancy restaurants, you can still see the huts and barracks, reminiscent of military conflict. By law we can say that Tel Aviv has a bright person in front of its town guests and a moody side, which goes with the marginal quarters.

As a major center in the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is a magnet for international tourism, it can stand shoulder to shoulder with popular tourist destinations such as Barcelona and Miami. Publications in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Toronto Star qualified Tel Aviv among the first places that are attractive for tourists from around the world. According to the municipal statement of Tel Aviv, Israel today in the coastal city has 44 hotels with over 6 500 rooms.

Tel Aviv is called "the city that never sleeps" due to its pulsating nightlife, youth needs and 24 hour opportunity for fun and entertainment.




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