Detroit is a city in the U.S., located in the state of Michigan and is its largest city. It was founded officially on July 24, 1701, shortly after the Frenchmen arrived in the land of the Detroit River. Then the Europeans gave the village the name Rivière du Détroit, which gradually transformed into Detroit. The name is associated with the location of the shed of the river, which connects the Great North American Lakes.

Its emergence as a location is along the great fur trade in the early 18th century, which Frenchmen began to develop here. Today, Detroit is an important port city of the eponymous river. Best known as the "City of Seven Lakes", Detroit is often referred to as Motown, Motor City, The D and The 313 (telephone code of the entire county). It is also called the City of Champions, which refers to 1930 and the great successes of Detroit in individual and team sports.

Today, Detroit’s population is just over 900 000 people in the city ranks 11th on population density in the U.S. The Detroit metropolitan area (including suburbs) has about 4, 403, 437 people. The peak of the population of Detroit was in 1950 when it was fourth in the country. Since then, however, the number of people in the capital city of Michigan has fallen continuously. The reason for this lies in the initial decades of the twentieth century.

Detroit has long been an important city in the automotive industry, today here are located the headquarters of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

In the 50s of the 20th century, the automotive industry needed labor, in consequence of which, it employs a mass of Negroes, which led progressively to a larger black population. For decades, Detroit was known as "black city" and "City of Negroes". The main reason for the deportation of the majority of whites from Detroit hides in the poor public transport system and the huge number of personal cars.

Back in the 40s, when Detroit was the richest city in North America, there was a huge problem with parking. Being the owner of a car was a sign of status, and to ride in public transport was considered degrading and "poor man’s transport ". In the 50s started an irreversible process of emigration of whites to the suburbs because crime grew, mainly because blacks.

Authorities realized the problem and started to destroy historic buildings in the city to build parking lots. Tensions between white and black persons reached its zenith on July 23, 1967, when a rebellion broke out - over 2, 000 buildings were looted and burned, 43 people were killed (including 33 black) and 467 - injured. On July 25th, the Army intervened to quell the 48 hour rebellion.

Detroit from Lake Michigan

These riots were the main reason for the voluntary emigration of the white population of Detroit. From this point, the population of the city began to decline, and the process of decline of the city was irreversible. In the 80s, the automotive industry in Detroit was in a strong decline and many skyscrapers and business areas were abandoned, along with which crime grew.

Today Detroit is growing in the "production" of young professionals, hoping to eliminate the bad reputation of the city. On the east bank of the river began appearing luxurious, incredibly modern buildings.

Detroit for decades was one of the music capitals of the United States, especially for rock music. A native of Detroit is the legendary Alice Cooper, as is Madonna, and Detroit is recognized as the birthplace of techno music.

Detroit and its proximity to Windsor in Ontario, where alcohol is permitted to persons aged 19 years, is the reason for the noisy nightlife of the city.

Detroit offers guests a wide range of restaurants for dining and No. 1 remain the fish restaurants, serving freshly prepared fish, just coming from the North American Great Lakes. Many of the museums are located in the historic center, around Wayne State University. Be sure to see the renowned studio of the 50s of last century, which today is known as the Motown Historical Museum.

Exciting is the National History Museum of Henry Ford, which is the largest indoor-outdoor history museum of the United States. There are countless monuments and architectural buildings, which must be seen, such as the Comerica Tower in Detroit Center, built in 1993 in Art Deco style. The historical center of Detroit is highly filled with Revival architecture.



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