Chennai is the fourth largest city and capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This exotic metropolis is situated on the Coromandel Coast, part of the Bay of Bengal.

The city is a center of attraction for tourists and business oriented visitors. This is because Chennai is developing rapidly both economically and technologically, while locals care for their memorable relics.

Trademark of Chennai is a strong automobile industry. The nearly 8 million strong metropolis is considered by many to be the automotive capital of India, it is called the "Detroit of South Asia.". Along with the production of cars, the city has an established history in the export of software.

Technological progress of the city goes hand in hand with the enrichment and preservation of the cultural traditions of Chennai. The city is often associated with the Carnatic music style. If you decide to visit the city during the period from December to January, then surely you will enjoy one of the most colorful festivals held each year in the Indian city. Madras Music Season gathers hundreds of artists from all over India and neighbouring countries. Their talent, dance and vocal compositions surely fascinate and inspire much of the audience. Many identify the festival as one of the most significant cultural events worldwide.

As you can assume, the most appeal to tourists carries the 14 mile beach and marina, which makes up the eastern part of town and is one of the longest in the world. The beach starts from the Fort "Saint George", located in the north of Chennai, and reached the neighbourhood Besant Nagar, to the south. This is the longest beach in India. The shoreline has lots of shops and places to eat. Lovers of bathing should be very careful as the waters of the Bay of Bengal are not the calmest. Bathing is legal, but no lifeguards are available.

Along the Marina are located very attractive statues and art sculptures.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The old name of the city, which still is very popular, is the Madras. Madras was an ancient fishing village, which originated around Fort St. George.

Fort St. George is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The building is among the main attractions of Chennai. It was built in 1640 by the British. The primary purpose of the building was to be a trading zone, but then the building starts to perform other functions, serving the Indian Army. Fort St George is now home to the state executive and legislative authorities.

In the fort itself, there are several sites that deserve attention. Among them is the church of St. Mary - the oldest Anglican Church across India. The beautiful temple has preserved its magnificence over the years and today entertains visitors with beautiful frescoes and exquisite design.

The beautiful white jewel of Chennai is the Basilica of San Thome. The magnificent building was built in the 16th century, by Portuguese explorers. The building was designed in Neo-Gothic style and impresses with its whiteness. Two rivers, Cooum and Adyar cross the city.

The administrative buildings in Chennai are also a tourist attraction. Among them are the Madras High Court and Omandurar Government Estate. Symbol of economic development in the Indian city is the sector premises of Chennai. Among them is Parry's Corner, located near the airport business park and Tidel Park.

In the Indian city are found some interesting buildings. Valluvar Kottam is among the most attractive and striking landmarks in Chennai , built in honour of the ancient Tamil poet and philosopher. The architecture of the monument literally cannot be described in words.

Perhaps the most famous street, with a heavy flow of people is Rangantan street. It is a small version of the Indian city - colourful, populated and growing.

The Indian city gradually improves its sporting traditions and discipline, not so typical of an Asian country. An example is the annual tournament Chennai Open, which takes place during the first week of January.

About 250 km south of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu state is one of the most exciting religious places in India - Chidambaram Temple, built in honour of Lord Shiva. The ancient temple deserves special attention. The place is home to pilgrims and tourists from around the world, which fascinates with its tranquillity and magnetism. Its architectural style is very unusual. The church was substantially different from the usual vision of sacred places.




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