The White Desert

The White Desert

One of the tourist attractions in western Egypt is called, The White Desert. The local Bedouin call this area, the Wadi Gazar or Valley of carrots, because the kind of bizarre rock formations there are unique and specific to place. The local limestone is found in the form of surreal rock sculptures of camels, mythological creatures and birds , and pharaohs.

These unique stone phenomena is a result of prolonged and severe erosion.

In general, the White Desert is called after the sediment of limestone and similar minerals formed by sand storms. At night these snow white sand hills can easily be confused with the view of the polar region.

The White Desert is located 45 km north of Farafra Town and Al-Farafra, which is the smallest oasis in Egypt. Located in the western part of the country in the Libyan desert the population is concentrated in a single village of about 4-5 thousand people.

The White Desert

You should not miss while you are in the area a visit to the local springs. These natural springs are separated by small hills, formed as a result of the meeting of cast sand vegetation around water.

Many organized tours include accommodation in the White Desert. Normally tourist groups leave for Farafra and then Bahariyya, the route is preferable because the road cuts approximately 100 km off as Bahariyya is located about 150 km from the region. The best time to visit the White Desert is in October-March.



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