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Namibian Desert

Namibian Desert

The Namibian Desert is the oldest in the world, dunes higher and larger than its dunes are not found in any similar area. This magnificent orange-yellow desert is located in the Namib Naukluft park, which is the fourth largest in the world.

Impressive orange sand dunes cover an area of nearly 50, 000 sq. km., The distance from one end to the other is about 1600 km.

Namibian Desert

Wild fauna and flora are also as fascinating as the Namibian desert itself. Animals, insects and plants have adapted to live in this inhospitable region in a unique and interesting way. One of the best ways to address the unique breadth here is to hire a small aircraft.

They can be rented from the capital of Namibia, Windhoek, which is 480 kilometers northeast of the Namibian Desert. Many tourists stay here to spend the night in tents for the night sky is strewn with hundreds of stars, creating a view that can be seen in few places in the world.

The highest dune in Namibian Desert reaches 300 m height and conquering is an unique experience. The view from the top is incredible, but the feeling is comparable to that to standing on waves, only in a colorful sand sea.

During the rainy season, in the Namibian Desert, you can meet even some kinds of water birds. In the dry area, after flooding, you can find certain antelopes, gazelles and ostriches. Water vapor from the Atlantic coast makes life for certain plants possible.



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