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Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Cape Cross is in the southern Atlantic Ocean shore of Namibia. It is located about 70 km north of Henties Bay and 150 km north of Swakopmund.

This reserve on the west coast of Namibia is home to one of the largest colonies of Cape Marine cats in the world. The name of the locality comes from the large stone cross, built here by Portuguese settlers in the 16th century.

Cape Cross Seal Colony

If you decided to visit the Reserve to enjoy the thousands of Seals in their natural environment, travellers need to know that there are no shelters. The nearest place where you can spend the night is in the Henties Bay or Swakopmund.

As the breeding season ends, these unique animals in November and December, when born are small.

Male catfish come in large herds in October, then mark their territory and defend it fiercely. Pregnant females come in November to bring forth their young, which is only one. A week later, they are again ready to be mated.

One male seal typically attracts five to twenty-five females who defended their territory against other males. In this hard period catfish males lose a significant part of their body weight.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Young pups are born black, and their weight is between 5 and 7 kg.

Right from birth, they begin to breastfeed, and this continues for almost a year. Around the fifth month, in addition to breast milk, they start to eat fish. According to statistics, every fourth pup in the colony doesnot survive because it falls prey to hyenas, while their mothers hunt fish in the sea.

For convenience of tourists, from Henties Bay or Swakopmund are organized day trips to Cape Cross.



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