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The capital of Ukraine - Kiev, is a unique architectural treasure to the many historic buildings and churches, which are included in the list of World heritage of UNESCO. Art and architecture of Kiev are not only of local importance for Ukraine but also globally, they are among the historical treasures of mankind.

There is no way that one could not admire the beauty of the Saint Sophia Church and the famous St. Andrew, which was built in a typical Ukrainian Baroque style. In the center of town there are two temples, dating from the 11th century. Walking around them is a whole adventure because they are popular with catacombs, bell towers and interesting museum collections.


The Ukrainian capital Kiev is located right where the Desna River flows into the Dnieper River. Kiev is the administrative center of the Kiev region, although it does not enter into its composition and functions as an independent administrative unit. The population of the Ukrainian capital is nearly 3 million people, which automatically makes it the largest city in the country. Kiev is also one of the main ports of Ukraine.

Kiev is considered one of the oldest towns in Eastern Europe. Kiev became one of the major commercial centers by the end of the ninth century and was conquered by Varangians. They turned it into the Centre of Kiev.

In 17th century Russia conquered Kiev. Over time, Kiev has not made a special note, leaving a provincial town with limited relevance to the industrial revolution in the 19th Century. In the early 20th century it falls at the center of a series of conflicts during World War I, Russian Civil War, Polish-Soviet War and briefly the capital of the independent Ukrainian National Republic. Since 1934 Kiev was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Kiev, Ukraine

Among the architectural and historical landmarks in Kiev one should see the church of St. Vladimir, which was built in the 19th century. Near the center of town is the Golden Gate, which dates from 1037. Particular attention must be paid to the cathedral Saint Sophia, which is actually the most famous landmark of the country. This large and opulent monastery complex was built between 1017 and 1031 in honor of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who scored a dashing win over Asian horde of Pechenegs.

The cathedral named after the cathedral of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is surrounded by smaller churches that bear the names of various saints. St. Sofia in Kiev has 13 gold domes. Inside, the temple walls are covered with beautiful frescoes, and mosaics in the top row dating mainly from the 11th century. This is unique because they have a rich tonality which meets with 177 different shades on a gold background. There is also an exceptionally beautiful image of the Virgin Mary, who prays. This religious painting is around 6 meters in height, and for her clothes 21 shades of blue were used which gives the garment an amazing sense of reality and depth in every detail.

Dnepr River and Kiev

Kiev Pecherskaya Lavra is one of the oldest and most important temples in the country as a whole and generally in the former Soviet Union. According to beliefs, the cathedral was built and specified by the Lord himself. Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra is celebrated as a spiritual cradle of Ukrainian culture. With its almost 100 m height for about two centuries Kiev-Pechersky Lavra was the highest building in the Ukrainian capital.

The temple was built in 1015 on the forested slopes above the Dniepr River, the territory of today's capital Kiev. Over the centuries the religious complex is constantly supplemented by new buildings but most of the temples there were built during the 17th century only the church of the Holy Trinity dates from the 12th century, but it still today preserves the unique ancient frescoes. The main temple there is the Cathedral of the Assumption, which in the middle of last century had almost been destroyed.

In 2000, however, the church was completely restored, and green areas of the monastery territory were renewed. Quite impressive is the large bell which is 100 m in height. For about two centuriesKiev Pechersk Lavra was the highest building in the Ukrainian capital. This is the emblematic of Kiev and the Ukrainian culture temple is included in the list of World heritage of UNESCO.



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