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Kordopulova house in Melnik

Kordopulova house in Melnik

Melnik is one of the oldest historical cities in Bulgaria. Today it is considered to be the smallest city in the country. Although small, Melnik was able utmost to preserve the Bulgarian traditions, spirit and its many cultural monuments.

From the Renaissance to today, Melnik had been preserved in the impressive architectural Melnik houses. The most interesting of these is Kordopulova house, which is considered the greatest Renaissance building in Bulgaria.

Kordopulova house was built by a rich family in 1754, and today it is the undisputed favorite as the greatest revival house in the history of Bagaria. It is impressive with its authentic rich and beautiful interior.

Turned into an interesting museum of Bulgarian culture and traditions Kordopulova house tour offers wooden floors covered with colorful rugs. To feel the most authentic Bulgarian spirit and atmosphere, sit on one of the sites along the three walls and look at the underground windows.

The ground floor of the house Kordopulova has dug out wine cellars, with the capacity for 250-300 matured wines. So interesting there is the shaped maze and wineries, which are particularly attractive to tourists.


The last famous member of the family is Kordulovi Manolis Kordopoulos. He finished with wine in France and moved their knowledge in winemaking in Melnik. He also gave refuge in Yane Sandanski Kordopulova house in the years before World War II.

Today there is a tradition for the visitors to this old Melnik house to get a glass of the famous Melnik wine produced in these wineries. The cellar itself is carved in the rock and is shaped like a 150 meter tunnel. The cellars can fit a whole 300 tons of wine, as the greatest barrel holds a significant 12.5 tons of grape elixir.

Kordopulova house was built on four floors, two of them are stone. Inside it has 7 stairs and 24 windows, arranged in two rows. The upper row is colored with Venetian glass, which throws of a soft light falling on painted walls, wood carvings and cupboards.

It is spacious with 12 unique windows in the Kordopulova house. The bottom part of the house has Bulgarian nature. The top part of the house has windows that are decorated with different colored glasses, which are a mixture of Venetian and Oriental motifs. Along the north wall of the dining room in the Kordopulova house are the master paintings and baroque ornaments.

The ceiling of the room is made entirely of wood. You can see the sun depicted on it with twelve pointed rectangles that symbolize the months of the year. Throughout are furnished carpets skillfully crafted.



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