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Schlossberg in Graz

Schloßberg Graz - Uhrturm

The unique Graz is a place where pleasure and beauty of urban architecture and refractory time of cultural historical monuments form an inseparable whole. Declared European Cultural Capital in 2003 and the Town of culinary experience in 2008, Graz is a perfect tourist destination that promises many pleasant and memorable emotions.

In the heart of downtown stands a hill Shlossberg, dominating the village with its 500 meters altitude. Schlossberg is where the strongest fortress in the world is, which today is almost nothing but an impressive clock tower (Uhrturm), considered the symbol of Graz. Overall, the historical center of town is one of the best preserved in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

By far the biggest attraction in town, Shlossberg takes daily thousands of visitors. The hill can be reached by historic railway, tickets for which cost around 3-4 euros. It just 3-4 minutes you will be on the hill, but, of course, you can walk and walk as far, and the walk will last about 25 minutes.

Schloßberg Graz - Uhrturm

Shlossberg literally translates as "mountain with a fortress” and is an old fort. At this height is a splendid panorama of the entire beautiful Austrian city. Fortress Shlossberg was built in the Middle Ages . Over the centuries between 1125 and 1809 it is used as a military fort, which also remains unbreached.

Shlossberg withstands numerous enemy sieges, until finally the Napoleonic soldiers capture it, and is partially destroyed. Recognition of this powerful castle comes from the book with Guinness World Records, which recorded it in their annals as the strongest fortress in the world. In 2010 Shlossberg also becomes part of the cultural attractions of UNESCO.

Shlossberg was turned into a public park in 1839 during the reign of Ludwig von Welden. The clock tower is located 475 meters above sea level and is part of the complex hills. Today the tower is sort of an acknowledgment symbol of Graz and is seen by the beautiful stream runs through the town of River Mur.

Near the Clock Tower Shlossberg, have coffee with friends overlooking the old town. On the west side of the hill there are two restaurants with excellent cuisine and beautiful open views. The lift does stop pretty close to an excellent restaurant, which is visible from the western part of Graz.

On Shlossberg is maintained the building of the Turkish slaves, who were used to supply the army with water from the River Mur at the time the castle was under siege. The remains and ruins of the castle’s dungeons in Shlosberg today are a scene which often hosts performances and other festivities. Moreover, well preserved are the ruins of two bastions and tower Shlossberg.



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