Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle is one of the most famous historic sites in the Polish region of Opole. Moszna is the same name where the castle is situated, in a quiet village located halfway between Krapkowice and Prudnik in the Opole region. The village is close to the border, in southwestern Poland, about 30 km from the regional capital - Opole, which also boasts of an incredible palace.

Today Moszna Castle is only 100 years old and has already been entered in the register of historic places of Poland. Moszna is considered today for a place that has not only got historical importance but is also artistically important. Simultaneously Moszna is one of the most famous monuments in the western part of Upper Silesia.

Moszna Castle

Indeed, the history of the castle began around the mid 17th century. The old cellars were found in the gardens of Moszna Castle during excavations carried out in the early 20th century. Some investigators, including Bartel, are of the opinion that these wineries could be the remains of the alleged Templar castle. After World War II further excavations had discovered a medieval wall.

The central part of the palace was an old baroque palace, which was partially destroyed by a fire during the night of June 2nd in 1896, but was reconstructed in the same year in its original form by Franz Hubert von Tiele-Winckler who was the son of Hubert von Tiele- Winckler. This restoration was accompanied by the expansion of the castle Moszna.

The eastern wing of the palace was built in 1900 in Neo-Gothic style with its adjoining conservatory. Between 1912-1914 it was raised and the west wing was constructed in a wonderful neo-rennaissance style. The architecture of Moszna Castle has a whole variety of styles and highlighted eclectic.

What will probably take your first impression upon seeing the palace, is the countless sharp towers - both small and large. In fact, their exact number is 99.

Moszna Castle has just 365 rooms with a total area of 7000 square meters.

The castle has been visited twice by the German Emperor Wilhelm II. His participation in hunting during their stay in the castle is documented in an handwritten chronicle in 1911, and also the following year.

One milestone in the history of the Moszna Castle is that it was owned by the Prussian Tiele-Winckler family, who were industrial tycoons. They owned the castle from 1866 until the spring of 1945 when they were forced to emigrate to Germany and the premises of the castle occupied was by the Red Army.

From 1972 onwards Moszna functioned as a medical center for rehabilitation and more precisely as a center for public health treatment of neuroses. Separately, the mansion has a beautiful chapel that is used as a concert hall. Since 1998 Moszna has housed the gallery that houses the works of various artists. Mosna also has a wonderfully beautiful park with numerous lanes, meadows and trees.



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