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Thracian Tomb near Mezek

Thracian Tomb near Mezek

Thracian tomb near the village Mezek is another ancient relic, which opened in Bulgaria. The tomb and the village are located in the southeast, near Svilengrad. Not far from there are the Bulgaria-Greece and Bulgaria–Turkey borders. The Thracian tomb in the village Mezek was found about a kilometer from the village.

There are interesting fields there that are organized in a complex that includes three historical and archeological sites. One is the tomb of the third quarter of the fourth century BC, the second is Neutzikon fortress, which is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in the country and the third is the domed tomb just before the peak, Sheynovets.

There is no precise information to show exactly when the area was inhabited in Mezek village, but the presence of the fortress and Thracian tomb near the village Mezek clearly suggest that ancient people lived in there around the 5th 4th and 3rd century BC.

Inside the tomb was opened in 1931. Since the emergence into the world of these Thracian sanctuaries, Professor Bogdan Filov and Dr. Ivan Velkov began work on the tomb.

When you enter through the metal door of the Thracian tomb near the village Mezek, initially you feel stuck in a narrow corridor, built of huge stone slabs. Above you remains the well preserved triangular arch.

The mere passage leads to two consecutive areas, then it leads to the main room. In this established part of the Thracian tomb near the village Mezek you can see the bed and stone urns, which are also quite well preserved.

Castle Mezek

The pretty interesting findings were discovered in the Thracian tomb near the village Mezek. Among them are many unique items of gold, bronze, iron, glass and ceramics. Perhaps the most remarkable archaeological find there was a bronze statue of a boar in the middle of the second half of the fourth century BC. Archaeologists believe that the Thracian tomb near the village Mezek was a possession of a prominent local man.

The castle itself is one of the sights that you can see near the Thracian tomb. This medieval castle is one of the best preserved in Bulgaria. Its form is quadrangular, with about 7 acres of space.

The ruins of the Thracian tomb in the village Mezek still retain enormous cylindrical defense towers that are scattered along the retaining walls. A century ago the castle was much more reserved, but parts of it were taken to serve the construction of the barracks in Svilengrad.



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