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Solitude Castle near Stuttgart

Solitude Castle near Stuttgart

Solitude Castle is located in a picturesque woodland west of Stuttgart. Its brilliant rococo architecture is located in an extremely rich, natural and tranquil area, away from the clamor and the disappointment of the world as tranquility was loved by its original owner - Duke Karl Eugen.

Solitude Castle is located on an high plain between the towns of Leonberg, Gerlingen and Stuttgart. It is this land that the Duke made his place. His only desire was to indulge in rest and relaxation, while exercising his favorite hobby, namely hunting.

Solitude Castle near Stuttgart

The foundations of the palace were laid in 1764 and Castle Solitude was completed in 1775.

Solitude is a complete private estate, fully adapted for comfortable living needs of its owner and its staff. It can be seen daily as there are rooms for social meetings, dining, kitches and the rooms for employees. An interesting fact is that the castle Solitude is related to that in Ludwigsburg.

Duke Karl Eugen implemented a project in the castle Solitude. He organized a school there called, High Carls School, whose first director at the time was himself the father of Schiller - Captain Johann Kaspar Schiller.

Solitude served first as an art academy, then as a military academy and later as a University for mixed children of aristocratic families. In the years between 1972 and 1983, the Castle Solitude was completely restored and renovated. Today it houses the Academy Castle Solitude, which was organized in 1990.

Unlike its facade, which is the Rococo style, the castle of Solitude stands out in a typical simple Classical style in interior terms. The main entrance of the castle Solitude is located in the north where the road leads to Ludwigsburg.

In the years around Solitude Castle, various events have taken place. In the region there is an area that has been built specifically for motorcycle races which take place there in the motorcycling world championship.



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