Shenborn Castle

Shenborn Castle

Shenborn Castle is a romantic mansion, located in the West Transcarpathian region in Ukraine. Overall, the Ukrainian Carpathians have preserved to this day historical monuments and architecture, but Shenborn, which is located in Chinadievo village stands in a special way.

It is one of the most beautiful monuments of the 19th century and the whole castle is surrounded by a picturesque park, a nice little lake and also the Shenborn Castle is included in the resort of Karpaty.

Especially intriguing is the architectural plan of the structure of the castle, which is astronomically aligned. To symbolize 365 days of the year, the Shenborn Castle has 365 windows the 52 rooms, which in turn symbolize the number of weeks per year and 12 inputs that correspond to the number of months in the astronomical year.

Shenborn Castle

Also a curious fact about Shenborn is the original form that had a little artificial lake. Its contours and shape is a repetition within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The entire park around the mansion is made up of unique plant species that are selected for many parts of Europe. The lovely garden of Shenborn Castlen, which was built in an English style, is an additional relaxation where visitors can enjoy the Sanitarium of Karpaty.

Romantic Shenborn was built in the French style during 1890. On this place earlier was an old wooden hut, which was emblematic of the area, Berehvar. The wooden hut was lifted 50 years earlier before the erecting of Shenborn and was used as a summer residence of the local counts and dukes.яв

With its astronomical body the Ukrainian castle resembles many other buildings with a similar composition and consistency between the rooms, entrances, corridors, windows, etc. The analogue of Shenborn Castle is the Polish castle Malbork, whose number of rooms coincides with the days of the year. Many German medieval castles have 12 towers that symbolize the months of the year.

The romantic atmosphere and appearance of Shenborn Castle is complemented by the colored boxes in front of the doors and windows that are painted primarily with biblical scenes. One of the towers of the castle has the crest of the palace, depicting a lion with a crown above the head, which in turn is a symbol of a supreme religious rank.

Indeed, the palace was named Bishop of Bamberg and Archbishop of Mainz - Lothar Shenborn. He inhabits the castle Shenborn after Charles IV gave his part of the land there. Until today you can see the two coat of arms of the palace and the clock bell in the south tower.



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10.03.2011 12:25
Shenborn castle is realy beautiful castle. I hope that in the summer I'll be there!

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