California State University in Fresno

Fresno is located in central California, USA. It is the fifth largest city in the U.S. state.

In the city representatives of different cultures and nations coexist peacefully, having built their homes, religious temples and streets, creating a unique atmosphere of tolerance for diversity. The city has its German, Italian, Armenian, and of course China towns.

One advantage of the relatively small American town is the fact that the center of the city has preserved much of the buildings and the architectural style of the mid XX century. Most buildings are concentrated in these areas around Fulton Mall and Chinatown.

Among the sights of the city was built, in 1939, Tower Theatre, located in the neighborhood Tower District. Nearby are interesting shops and bookstores.

Other cultural attractions are the Fresno Grand Opera, the Philharmonic music hall and Roger Rocka's Music Hall & Second Space Theatre. The territory of Fresno has several interesting museums including the Museum of Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art and Science.

The research center of Fresno and green areas, Forestiere Underground Gardens and Fresno's Chaffee Zoo are also very popular places.

Once having visited Fresno, we have to walk down one of the most popular boulevards – Huntington. The place was a center of attraction for many since the beginning of last century. Around the boulevard are renovated old buildings, including the House of arts and crafts.

The city has two attractive parks, where guests and resident can enjoy the peace and quiet. One of them is Woodward Park, which resembles the Japanese style of landscape architecture. The park is located on the south bank of the San Joaquin River. One of the biggest attractions for the park’s visitors is the opportunity to watch beautiful birds in their natural environment. The place is suitable for picnics and sports, games and walks.

The other - Roeding Park, is located in the city center. On its territory are the Chaffee Zoological Gardens. On the outskirts of Fresno is situated Kearney Park where each year, a remarkable reconstruction of a battle of the Civil War takes place. It is believed that the green area is one of the largest in the U.S. used to recreate historical events.

Fresno was founded in 1885. The story of its creation is also interesting. At that time, to the lands of today's advanced American city came a man - Anthony Iystarbi who had planned to grow wheat. Since there were no adequate irrigation facilities around the deserted land, he did everything possible to ensure water for future plantings. Subsequently, around his land began to sprout railways, which created a stop around his ranch. The station was called Fresno. Gradually the town began to get populated with more and more people. Today, the townspeople are more than 500, 000.

Fresno translated from Spanish means clear wood. A leaf of the plant is woven into the flag of this American city. Fresno is located about 300 km southeast of San Francisco, about 322 km. northwest of Los Angeles and 274 miles south of the capital of California -]Sacramento].

The city is surrounded by beautiful natural landmarks such as parks - Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park.



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