Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is a city located in western Morocco. This is the biggest village in the African country.

Casablanca is the most important port in Morocco. This makes the city an important economic and business center for Morocco, despite the official capital of the Kingdom of Morocco being Rabat.

Casablanca Aerial View

Often, the city is associated with the Hollywood image, built from movie Casablanca bar, shot in the 40s of last century. Today the Moroccan city has nothing to do with the film image. It is a beautiful and modern city, ideal for business trips.

Many say that to every European who visited Casablanca, the city feels like home. This is because the architecture and atmosphere of the African city is very similar to those in southern Europe.

In translation the name of the city means "White House".

In Casablanca, near the ocean is the magnificent Hassan II Mosque - the largest religious temple in the Islamic world after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was built under the project by the French architect Michel Pins in honor of former Moroccan King Hassan II. The capacity of the mosque is 25 000. The minaret is 210 meters high. It could easily be argued that this Muslim religious shrine is the emblem of Casablanca.

Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca

Park Lyautey is the largest public park in Casablanca. It is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Sacre C'ur. As it can be assumed, the temple was built by a French architect. The style is neo-Gothic. The majestic white building was used for a school and now has the functions of a cultural center.

The technological Park in Casablanca is also among the attractions of the Moroccan city. There lies the industrial part of town. Many modern buildings are located in it. In the Casablanca Twin Center corporate center are impressive two 28-storey (115 - meter) white office buildings, constituting part of the modern image of Casablanca. The two buildings are the highest in Morocco.


Among the tourist destinations in Casablanca is the old part of town, Medina, representing the area where small Moroccan streets and centers built before the arrival of French colonists intertwine.

Villa des Arts also enjoys a great visitor interest. There is a year-round modern art exposition.

Interesting attractions in Casablanca are the square of the United Nations and the Cornish tourist complex.

Frequented by residents and guests is the bare rock, which is deemed to be the mausoleum of a saint in the African world, Sidi Abderrahmane - founder of present-day Algeria. Many local believe that this man had magical powers, and come today to his grave. That is why hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come to this rock to look for light or salvation.

Whether you have much or little money in the cashier you can always find superb restaurants to enjoy local dishes, consisting mainly of seafood.

The African city has an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Besides it, other landmarks are the beautiful pine and eucalyptus forests Bouskoura.

The town was founded in 1906. Casablanca was managed by several decades of French colonies. The population of the Moroccan city is over 3 million. The port of Casablanca is one of the largest in the world and the largest in North Africa.




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