Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte

The city with the interesting name, Belo Horizonte is located in southeastern Brazil.

The modern South American city shines with its parks, business and administrative buildings, creating a clean image of a dynamic city. Along with these are many classic buildings that give an air of comfort and relaxation in Belo Horizonte.

The architects of the city shared that their planning for infrastructure was to follow the type and location of Washington, DC. No one knows to comment on whether they have achieved their purpose, but certainly, today Belo Horizonte is considered one of the cities with the best quality of life in Latin America.

The region Pampulha has many attractions in the Brazilian city. Among them, the impressive buildings of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, the football stadium Mineirao - the largest sports facility in the state and second largest in Brazil, The House of the Dance and the Museum of Modern Art.

Interest to tourists is the rare combination of "Church in a modern style". It is the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, which is also in today's complex of Pampulha. Architect of the church oval is the famous Oscar Nimeyer.

Pride of Belo Horizonte is the beautiful Praça da Liberdade. Of the extensive territory are very impressive and state government buildings, bathed in sprays of colorful fountains.

Other interesting squares are Praça Rui Barbosa, The Municipal Park, and September 7 Square, where in 1922, a monument was erected in honor of the 100 – anniversary of the independence of Brazil.

In the center of town are the church Nossa Senhora DE Fatima and Neo-Gothic style Lourdes Basílica.

Town guests should not miss to visit the shopping center Av. Afonso Pena.

An article in the New York Times gave the city another cute image. The media has determined Belo Horizonte as the city, in which the whole world comes down to one thing – visit a bar. And it's not just shiny bars in the lobbies of expensive hotels or large shopping malls or makeshift bars, emerging on the streets or huddled among the small streets. Belo Horizonte visitors can often see locals sitting on anything found in the streets to drink beer and discuss exciting topics. The territory of the Brazilian city has about 12, 000 bars.

Surrounded by mountains, Belo Horizonte is the largest city in the state of Minas Gerais.

The city is the third largest metropolitan center in the South American country. However, Belo Horizonte to this day remains an almost not recognizing destination among the general public. Perhaps the reason for this is that the Brazilian city is landlocked, therefore not attractive for most tourists seeking beaches. However, there are tens of thousands of bars where people can easily socialize and create new friendships.

The population of Belo Horizonte with its adjacent areas is 5.4 million. As you might guess, a translation of the city name means "Beautiful Horizon".

100 kilometers from Belo Horizonte is the charming town of Ouro Preto, who also deserves special attention.



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