Arch of Gozo

Arch on Gozo in Malta

Among the beautiful natural sights of Malta is a natural rock arch known as Heavenly window (Azure Window). Arch is on a small island known as Gozo. The Arch on Gozo was formed in the Gulf Dwerja, but not the only which can be seen in the area.

Furthermore, thee is still a beautiful natural phenomenon on the neighboring island, known as Fungus Rock. The second arch is not visible from the heavenly window, but only from the higher parts of the bay.

Arch of Gozo is striking for its beauty and near-perfect symmetry and proportions. Portal was formed in the limestone rock due to erosion and the influence of climatic factors and wave power and impresses with its straight horizontal roof.

Arch of Gozo is often called the window of blue. No wonder that this natural formation is one of the most photographed sites in the Maltese Islands.

To Arch of Gozo can lead the way to San Lawrenz, which departs from Victoria. It passes through San Lorenzo and reaches the coast, where there has been built a special parking for cars. The very natural phenomenon remains little to the right when looking from the parking lot to the sea.

Arch of Gozo

There is a small rocky path that leads to a place with better visibility to Arch of Gozo. There are several Sightseeing spots which can be seen here on their way to Heavenly window, all just minutes away.

Arch of Gozo reaches a height of 50 meters and is mainly formed by the surf wave in the narrow limestone cape on the coast, which is known locally as Tieqa in Maltese. The view window to heaven is unique, especially in bad weather when the excitement is stormy and the waves crash into the rock, spinning.

Unfortunately the fragile limestone rocks, subjected to continuous erosion of salty waves is the reason Arch of Gozo will be subjected to permanent destruction. At present, large pieces of rock mass continue to fall steadily from Heavenly window, experts estimate that in a few years this beautiful coastal landmark in Malta will be totally destroyed and will disappear.



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