Etretat in France

Etretat in France

Etretat is a magnetic natural site, located in northern France. This beautiful place in Normandy can be reached by bus or car from the city of Le Havre, which is located about 32 km from there. The coastline is located west of Dieppe to the northeast of Havre.

The place where the village itself is built, Etretat, is known as the alabaster coast, which is famous for its large and high white cliffs, and beautiful natural arch. During summer the area is noisy and it becomes a bustling resort, but in winter it is more peaceful.

The beautiful natural arch is formed in the western rock called Falaise. The rock cavity is obtained under the pressure of the turbulent sea waves on soft rock, which by nature makes chalk. Another sight there is the so called Needle which can be seen if you take the special path to climb to the top of the arch where the Needle is, you can admire the beautiful views and the entire rocky region. The acute rock, Neddle, rises above the water alone, separated from the mainland as its height is about 700 meters.

Interesting to visit in Etretat is a small chapel, which was built on top of the eastern cliff - Damon Falaise. Behind the temple is a small museum. Just beside it is a monument built in honor of both drivers and car, Nungesser who first tried to fly the North Atlantic. Unfortunately, their efforts were not successful and they disappeared without a trace somewhere in the region of Etretat.

Etretat in Le Havre

The charming landscapes of Etretat has made it a charming place for many artists since the early 19th century. The place if also a popular place for the publisher of Le Figaro - Alphonse Karr, but before he spread the fame of the beautiful area he went there to create a number of great artists like Degas, Matisse and Courbet. Maupassant himself even choose it as his home town, and Victor Hugo has always demonstrated his devotion to the white rocks in Etretat.



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