Pusan, South Korea

Pusan is the largest port city in South Korea. The nearly four millionth metropolis lies among a few hills in the Korea Strait and the Nakdong River. This combination creates the unforgettable scenery of the city, born of its waters.

Even more impressive are the numerous skyscrapers, built among the natural beauty. Pusan has ambitions to become a city of mega high-rise buildings. They are currently working on a project to build a 110-storey skyscraper in the heart of the South Korean city. It is expected that by 2013, a 510-meter building - Lotte Super Tower will become the third tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Taipei 101 in Taiwan.


Among the rocks of the city was built the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. The sacred place was erected back in 1376. Usually, the big monasteries were built by devotees in high inaccessible mountains, the temple in Pusan, however, is a memorable exception. The building is open to visitors from 4 to 20, no charge for access.

Among the top Attractions in Pusan is Taejongdae. The area is located along the coast, impressing with the high white tower that serves to monitor the magnificent rocks, and the Island of Yeongdo-gu. The park has evergreen trees, amusement parks, a Ferris wheel, observatory, lighthouse, and a terminal for cruise ships. Residents of Pusan believe that the area was named after one of the rulers of Korea- Taeyong king, who loved to hunt with a bow on these wondrous places. The location is great for lunch or dinner at the seafood restaurants, overlooking the rocky coast.

Pusan has an enviable nightlife. The mild climate of the settlement allows almost year-round entertainment until dawn, in many attractive bars. Besides the thousands of tourists, the Asian city is a temporary home to many dozens of sailors from ships and cruises around the coast. The result is an endless colorful mix of cultures and nationalities crossing paths in Pusan.

City of Pusan

The most attractive beach in Pusan is Haeundae. The coastline has earned fame as the most recognized and beautiful beach in South Korea.

In the eastern part of town is also on the coast, Haeundae-gu - an area, where there are many office buildings and administrative centers. The area is easily reached by subway. Living on the territory is a tenth of the population.

Gwangan Bridge is another breathtaking sight of Pusan. The facility connects the area Haeundae-gu with Suyeong-gu. This is the second largest bridge in the Asian country (6500 meters).

Besides its beautiful beaches and bridges, the city is famous for its rich variety of seafood. In particular, the distinct markets, where early in the morning locals and visitors can obtain an abundance of seafood. You can do this within The Jagalchi Market, which is considered the largest such market in Korea. Interestingly, there are more women traders here.

The Asian city occupies a remarkable fifth place in the ranking of the largest ports in the world. Pusan is the second largest metropolis in South Korea after Seoul. Its population is around 3.6 million people.



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