Jinan is the capital of Shandong Province of China, located in the eastern part of the country.

The city has a rich history. Jinan and its settlements occurred in the dawn of human civilization. Tourists can see many ancient ruins. Today, the city is a flourishing administrative, economic and transportation center of East Asia.

The six million strong Jinan is known as the "city of springs". On its territory are over 70 beautiful fountains.

South of Jinan is the superb and cool Mount Tai, defined by many as a "World Heritage" site. North is the Yellow River, considered the mother river of the entire Chinese people.

Jinan, China

Jinan keeps its traditions through attractive annual holidays. Perhaps most memorable is the Lantern Festival, held in the Baotu Spring Park.

The green Zone is located in the heart of the Chinese city. It is the popular springs of Baotu, considered one of the three most interesting places to visit in Jinan. Sometimes the bowels of the earth spring water, reaching over 26 feet. Annual water temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. According to locals, the spring water is suitable for drinking, especially for the preparation of traditional Chinese tea.

Overwhelmed by the natural beauty, visitors can enjoy numerous cultural and other attractions located in the park of Jinan. Access fee is 40 yuan.

Another landmark is the Daming Lake Park. Daming Lake is formed by many beautiful natural springs. An interesting fact is that the water pool has the same level of water, regardless of weather - it never dries up or gets flooded. In Daming Lake are six islands, filled with many trees and flowers. In summer, the park is filled with the fragrance of lotus.

The park is located the Tie Gong Temple. It was built in 1792, in typical Chinese style. The building attracts huge visitor interest.

Jinan aerial view

Daming Lake has the largest Taoist religious center in Jinan - Beiji Temple. The building has nearly eight centuries of history.

Daming Lake Park is the place where are held a number of colorful festivals throughout the year.

The Five Dragon Pool is another popular spring area in Jinan. Around it is a beautiful park.

Among the sights of the town is the QuanCheng Square. It is central to the capital of Shandong. From QuanCheng overlooking the old town to the north is the Baotu spring. From the park you can see the majestic Thousand Buddha Mountain.

Buddha Hill is transformed into a beautiful park. It is the Thousand-Buddha Temple. Over 130 sculptures of Buddha were scattered throughout the southern slopes of the mountain.

Jinan has a preserved ancient street, named the Furong Ancient Street, at length today, tourists can opencast everything - hotels, dining establishments and souvenir shops here.

Many visitors to Jinan think the most valuable sites are not the physical attractions, but the kindness and hospitality of local people.

Jinan is located 400 kilometers south of the Chinese capital Beijing. The capital of Shandong Province is located near other interesting Chinese cities - Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, Zibo, Laiwu and Tai'an.



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