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Beijing, also known as Peking, is the capital of China. This metropolis is located in the north (Beijing, translated literally means "northern capital"). In fact, the double pronunciation of the names of the city bega...
Harbin is located in north-eastern China. The city is the center of the Province Heilongjiang. Some believe that the province has the shape of a swan, and Harbin is its jewel, located right on the neck of the beautiful b...
Tianjin is one of the central cities in the People's Republic of China and of strategic importance to the Asian country. The metropolis is located in northern China. The city is located near the capital Beijing. Tianjin ...
Qingdao is among the sunniest coastal cities of China. It is surrounded on three sides by the Yellow Sea. Qingdao has increasingly been identified as one of the most significant in financial terms for the Asian countr...
Nanjing is known as "the old capital of ten dynasties". In the long history of the Chinese Empire, this strategically located city was repeatedly elected to the seat of the emperor. Even the name Nanjing means "southern ...
Dalian is a picturesque port city located in northeastern China. The city is famous for two things - football and fashion. It is here most of the successful Chinese athletes begin their development. Evidence of the...
Jinan is the capital of Shandong Province of China, located in the eastern part of the country. The city has a rich history. Jinan and its settlements occurred in the dawn of human civilization. Tourists can see many ...
Chengdu is located in southwestern China. The over 11 people city is the capital of Sichuan Province. Chengdu is one of the most important economic, transport and communication centers in western China. Tourists and i...
Hong KongHong Kong
Megapolis Hong Kong is located in Southeastern China, the coast of South China Sea. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region, including Hong Kong Island (also called Syangan), Kowloon Peninsula and 235 small coastal ...
Asian culture with its ancient traditions and values is one of the most interesting and is able to engage the interest of millions of people worldwide. One of the places in the Republic of China, that has managed to reta...