Dalian is a picturesque port city located in northeastern China.

The city is famous for two things - football and fashion. It is here most of the successful Chinese athletes begin their development.

Evidence of the respect with which locals treat football is the Laodong Park. At the center of the park, there is a huge soccer ball. The park is very similar to Central Park in New York. The Green Zone is beautifully arranged with fairy flowers.

Dalian aerial view

As there take place and International Fashion Festivals, this brings into the Chinese city of thousands of fashion experts from home and abroad.

Unusual for most cities in China, it appears that there is a relatively short history here. The Asian city recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary. It can be defined as completely modern city, carrying the whiff of novelty and dynamism. Today the Chinese port city has important commercial and financial functions.

Dalian impresses its visitors especially with its green areas, fine gardens, fountains and well-designed squares. This image is not created without the efforts of the former ruler of the city, whose main objective has been to landscape the city through multiple projects.

The Asian city is extremely popular especially among Japanese, Korean and Russian tourists. Visitors are attracted by the numerous beaches and pleasant climate in Dalian. Some of the most attractive beaches in Dalian are Tiger beach, Xinghai beach, Jinshitan beach and Fujiazhuang beach. Around them are zoos, bird parks and large aquariums.

The modern look of the city is created by modern buildings situated in the large Zhongshan square. The area was designed by Russian architects. On its territory there are ten major buildings, which also have important implications for the development of the city, attracting millions of tourists with their interesting architectural performances. Among the notable buildings are the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Citibank, Dalian Financial Building, the red building of the Dalian Anglican church, House of Culture, Bank of China and the Post Office.

Dalian, China

Friendship Square, in the park Zhongshan, Xinghai square and Victory Square are also areas worthy of special attention.

There are a variety of restaurants, which offer traditional and modern dishes near the se.

Dalian is one of the most developed cities in China's Liaoning Province. It is located near another notable city - the provincial capital - Shenyang.

Dalian borders the Yellow Sea to the east the Bohai Sea to the west and south. The population is over 6 million people. Dalian is an important international logistics and shipping center in Northeast Asia.

Dalian is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in China along with the cities of Hangzhou and Chengdu.



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