Tianjin, China

Tianjin is one of the central cities in the People's Republic of China and of strategic importance to the Asian country. The metropolis is located in northern China. The city is located near the capital Beijing. Tianjin has an outlet to the Bohai Gulf to the east, in which is actually located a port city.

Residents of Tianjin are about 11 million. The Metropolis is the fifth largest in China. The interesting thing about the city is, that it is divided into two parts - "old town" and the Binhai New Area. The new part of the metropolis attracts large flows of investments from leading global companies and is a huge tourist attraction.

Hai River bisects the town. As you can assume, it is around a thousand years ago that villages were first seen here, which have now become the modern metropolis. Tianjin literally means "Heavenly ford". Symbolism depicts the moment the emperor crossed the river.

Today the city enjoys a large amount of tourist attention, mainly because of its rich heritage and attractions. Among the top 10 places to visit is the Ancient Culture Street (Gu Wenhua Jie). Along the street old town guests can find many preserved religious temples and colorful small shops where souvenirs are represented by the culture and traditions of the city.

The following item on the list is a military landmark, the Dagu Emplacement. The fortification was built back in 1858. Its purpose is to protect the city from the Qing Dynasty. Near the Dagu are other sights that deserve attention, namely Haimen Bridge and the Dagu Beacon.

Near Tianjin can be seen parts of the Great Wall, located in the area Huangyaguan. The magnificent wall in this area dates back more than 15 centuries. The wall stands on the edge was a beautiful mountain. The location enjoys recurring visitors, so close by are built attractive summer resorts. Access fee is 45 CNY. It can be reached by buses departing from Tianjin every 11 or 6 minutes. The ticket is 25 CNY and takes about 2 hours to reach the Wall.

Among the landmarks of the city is Dule Temple. This religious building recreates the rich cultural heritage of Tianjin.

Good place to stroll and relax is a huge Tianjin Water Park. It occupies an area of approximately 130 hectares. In fact, the site does not constitute an aqua park, as many visitors would assume. The area consists of 9 islands and 3 lakes. Around them are exquisite gardens and scenic paths. For the water, visitors can rent pedal boats or high speed jets.

The modern part of town is concentrated in the industrial zone Zhonghuan. Tall buildings, green trees, beautiful parks and flowers make up the modern face of the glamorous Chinese metropolis.

Relatively close to the city of Tianjin is Langfang - another attractive place for tourism and new sensations.




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